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2014Biofunctionalized nanoporous membrane/nanoparticles-based rapid and ultrasensitive sensing platform for biomolecule detectionYe, Weiwei
2014Biomechanical effect of pillow height on cervical regionZhu, Siyuan
2016Biomechanical effects of cranio-cervical positions on cervical musculoskeletal disordersRen, Sicong
2016Biomechanical efficacy of knee bracing on joint kinetics and kinematics, postural steadiness and wearing perceptionLiu, Rong
2016Biomechanical study of foot and ankle surgery for surgical interventionWang, Yan
2014Biomechanics of hallux valgus and evaluation of interventionsWong, Wai Chi
2014Biosensor based on decorated reduced graphene oxide Au electrode for the electrochemical detection of light chain Botulinum neurotoxin ASun, Cheng
2013Brain-computer interface (BCI) for stroke rehabilitation : effects of optimal electrode channel selection and tactile feedback in chronic stroke patientsTam, Wing Kin
2016Characterization of biogenic nanobubble for molecular ultrasound imaging and therapyYang, Yaoheng
2016Characterization of focused intravascular transducer for vulnerable plaque diagnosisXu, Yajie
2014Characterization of the colorectal cancer by combining high-frequency endoscopic ultrasound and quantitative ultrasoundLiu, Cheng
2015A comparative study of gait biomechanics and plantar pressure with different types of rocker shoesYounus, Abida
2017Correlations between spinal deformity and back muscle stiffness distributionCheng, Lok Kan
2013Development of 3D ultrasound system for assessing adolescent idiopathic scoliosisCheung, Chung Wai James
2015Development of a 3D breast ultrasound system for providing automated annotation and coronal imagesJiang, Weiwei
2013Development of a computational model of knee-ankle-foot complex for foot support designLiu, Xuan
2012Development of a near-infrared photometer for early detection of tissue distress at anatomical sites prone to pressure ulcerLui, Ka Him Michael
2012Development of an arthroscopy-based water-jet ultrasound indentation system for the morphological, acoustic and mechanical assessment of articular cartilage degenerationHuang, Yanping
2013Development of continuous-flow polymerase chain reaction microchip with integrated electrolytic pumpYiu, Chun Ying
2012Development of novel imaging systems and techniques for micro-ultrasoundQiu, Weibao