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20213D ear anthropometry and its application in product design for the Chinese populationFu, Fang
2020Adventurous homemaking : exploring collaborations toward agroecological probabilitiesWernli, Markus
2017Advertising in emerging market : relationships among advertising, values and lifestyles of the new urban middle class in post-reform ChinaLi, Wenhua
2007An agent-based framework to support collaborative product designWang, Jianxun
2019An analytical study of motivation for creative workers in China's creative industriesChan, Yuet Kai
2024Animated gestures : pedagogical agents’ meaningful instructional gesture design for effective educational information presentationWei, Lai
2020The applicability of participatory design for urban community buildingZhu, Mingjie
2024Autonomous design as a decolonial toolNavarrete Rigo, Andrea
2016Becoming a reflective communication design student : perceptions and values of reflection as a learning toolChuah, Chin Kah Peter
2016Brand sustainability of manufacturing enterprises (MEs) and social enterprises (SEs) in Hong KongTam, Ka Fung Kelvin
2022Business incubation process for design start-ups : case studies on government-based and university-based business incubators in Hong KongFong, Wai Man Tifanni
2018A cognitive ergonomics design framework for future electronic textbooksSheen, Kimberly Anne
2008A computational kernel for supporting generative and evolutionary designChan, Kwai-hung
2016Conceptual recombination : a sub-conceptual design theory for cultural product creationHung, Chor Kin
2023The construction of digital self-identity : with the focus on Chinese social media platformZhang, Wenjing
2013Creativity and its roles in design education in Hong KongWong, Yi Lin
2021The cultural interpretation framework : how experienced graphic designers innovate Chinese culture? Case study of six experienced Chinese designersTian, Yao
2023Datafied : a critical exploration of the production of knowledge in the age of dataficationLiu, Helene
2022Design education : an investigation into how it improves idea generationOustamanolakis, Michail
2018Design for better comprehension : investigating the influence of product appearance on consumers' comprehension of really new productsCheng, Peiyao