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20213D ear anthropometry and its application in product design for the Chinese populationFu, Fang
2020Adventurous homemaking : exploring collaborations toward agroecological probabilitiesWernli, Markus
2017Advertising in emerging market : relationships among advertising, values and lifestyles of the new urban middle class in post-reform ChinaLi, Wenhua
2007An agent-based framework to support collaborative product designWang, Jianxun
2019An analytical study of motivation for creative workers in China's creative industriesChan, Yuet Kai
2020The applicability of participatory design for urban community buildingZhu, Mingjie
2016Becoming a reflective communication design student : perceptions and values of reflection as a learning toolChuah, Chin Kah Peter
2016Brand sustainability of manufacturing enterprises (MEs) and social enterprises (SEs) in Hong KongTam, Ka Fung Kelvin
2022Business incubation process for design start-ups : case studies on government-based and university-based business incubators in Hong KongFong, Wai Man Tifanni
2018A cognitive ergonomics design framework for future electronic textbooksSheen, Kimberly Anne
2008A computational kernel for supporting generative and evolutionary designChan, Kwai-hung
2016Conceptual recombination : a sub-conceptual design theory for cultural product creationHung, Chor Kin
2013Creativity and its roles in design education in Hong KongWong, Yi Lin
2021The cultural interpretation framework : how experienced graphic designers innovate Chinese culture? Case study of six experienced Chinese designersTian, Yao
2022Design education : an investigation into how it improves idea generationOustamanolakis, Michail
2018Design for better comprehension : investigating the influence of product appearance on consumers' comprehension of really new productsCheng, Peiyao
2015Design for long-term behaviour change : an exploratory study in persuasive interactive systems for people with diabetes in self-managementWong, Shuk-kwan Barbara
2021Design for technology-mediated memorable and meaningful tourism experiences : a strengths-based approachWan, Chi Kwong Bruce
2013Design for the public : public design in outdoor privately owned public space (POPS) in Hong Kong shopping centresXing, Na
2022A design framework for synthesizing the mobile and static wayfinding information in complex environmentsIftikhar, Hassan