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2004Carotenoid production by phaffia rhodozyma with industrial waste as substrateCheung, Wai-pik
2004Catalytic asymmetric addition reactions leading to carbon-carbon bond formation : phenyl and alkenyl transfer to aldehydes and alkynylation of [alpha]-amino esterJi, Jianxin
2001Catalytic C-H bond activation with ruthenium complexes, and their reactivities toward terminal alkynesMak, Chi-chuen Donald
2014Catalytic carbon-hydrogen bond cross coupling reactions for carbon-carbon bond formations : development of ruthenium-, rhodium- and palladium-catalyzed (hetero)arene C-H bond functionalizations by {220}-diazocarbonyl compounds and carboradicalsChan, Wai Wing
2018Catalytic upgrading of biofuelLee, Hang Wai
2003Cation-pi interactions in Ag(I)-substituted aromatic complexes : an Ab initio molecular orbital studyLee, Ho-man
2014Cellular and molecular characterization of multiple neuroprotections by Bis(propyl)-cognitin, a promising anti-Alzheimer's dimerHu, Shengquan
2003Ceruloplasmin and ceruloplasmin homologue hephaestin in the brain : regulation of expression and role in iron transportChang, Yanzhong
2006Characterization and modeling of heavy metal removal by industrial biomass wastesNg, Lau-mei
2018Characterization of a novel nuclear import mechanism by nuclear factor of activated T-cells 5 (NFAT5)Chow, Ning
2015Characterization of in vivo activity of flavonoid dimer in modulating p-glycoproteinKan, Wing Yiu
2003Characterization of insulin-like growth factor I regulation of renal 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 1-alpha hydroxylase in agingLai, Wan-ping
2018Characterization of novel flavonoid dimers as breast cancer resistance protein (BCRP)-modulatorsChong, Tsz Cheung
2009Characterization of the anti-cancer effects of Gleditsia sinensis in esophageal squamous cell carcinomaPak, Kai-chiu
2012Characterization of the estrogenic effects of ginsenoside Rg1 : mechanism involved in achieving tissue selectivityGao, Quangui
2006Characterization of the molecular action of ginsenoside Rg1Lau, Wai-sum
2013Characterization of the osteoprotective flavan-3-ols from rhizoma drynariaeWong, Ka Chun
2017Characterization of the tissue-selectivity of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)-derived phytoestrogen and the possible mechanisms involvedZhou, Liping
2009The characterization, cloning and overexpression of BLIP gene in Pichia pastoris and Bacillus subtilisLaw, Kin-ho
2019Chemical modulation of multidrug resistant proteins by triazole bridged flavonoid dimersZhu, Xuezhen