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2015Dansyl-conjugated beta-lactam antibiotic as a fluorescent drug-based sensor for beta-lactamase detection and in vitro drug screeningYip, Chun Yin Karl
2014Design and synthesis of amide-based hydrogen bond donor-acceptor-donor organocatalysts for conjugate additionLeung, King Chi
2015Design and synthesis of hemilabile heterocyclic phosphine Ligands and their applications in palladium-catalyzed carbon-carbon and carbon-nitrogen bond-construction processesWong, Shun Man
2010Design of highly efficient catalyst for transition-metal catalyzed cross-coupling processesSo, Chau-ming
2018Design, synthesis and evaluation of novel compounds as the NDM-1 inhibitors to fight antibiotic resistanceJin, Wen Bin
2008Detection and biosynthesis of puffer fish toxin from bacterial culture for novel medical applicationYu, Chung-him
2000Detection of rifampin resistant mycobacterium tuberculosis by nonradioactive polymerase chain reaction : single strand conformation polymorphism analysisChan, Kin-hung
2018Developing a novel strategy to treat glioblastoma : improving brain bioavailability of sorafenib with a synthetic flavonoid dimer to inhibit drug efflux in blood brain barrierHu, Xuesen
2009Development and optimization of fluorescent biosensors from various class A beta-lactamasesChung, Wai-hong
2012Development of a biosensing system from chloramphenicol acetyltransferaseChow, Ka Yan
2017Development of a colorimetric nanosensor and nano-biosorbents from amyloid fibrils of hen lysozyme for rapid detection of chromium(VI) and removal of dye and chromium(VI) pollutantsLeung, Wai Hong
1999Development of a cost-effective image analysis system and its applications in electrophoretic separationsChan, Cheok-man Andy
2011Development of a fluorescent drug screening tool from the TEM-1 beta-lactamaseCheong, Wing-lam
2019Development of amphiphilic cellulose nanocrystal/polymer composite particle and its applicationWang, Yiwa
2014Development of atropisomeric P, N-type ligands and their applications in Suzuki-Miyaura couplingLee, Dong-sheng
2018Development of cobalt(III) and rhodium(III)-catalyzed electrophilic aminations of organoboronic acids with Ο-protected hydroxamic acids and azo compounds and ruthenium(II)-catalyzed three-component cascade coupling reactions of α, β-unsaturated enones with organoboronic acids and Ν-chlorophthalimideLau, Yan Fung
2014Development of electrospray ionization mass spectrometry for direct analysis of complex samples and an investigation of ionization mechanism of matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometryWang, Haixing
2019Development of encapsulation methods for organic-based phase change materials in waterTan, Suqing
2001Development of experimental design and chromatographic techniques to optimise the chemical analysis of ginseng, ginkgo biloba and other Chinese medicinesNg, Kin-man
2005Development of high-throughput biosensors for multi-sample determination of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) based on optical detection of oxygenKwok, Nga-yan