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2015Dansyl-conjugated beta-lactam antibiotic as a fluorescent drug-based sensor for beta-lactamase detection and in vitro drug screeningYip, Chun Yin Karl
2019Deciphering and optimizing the process of removal and recovery of Pb(II) and Cd(II) from wastewater by biosorbent derived from fruit wasteWang, Qian
2014Design and synthesis of amide-based hydrogen bond donor-acceptor-donor organocatalysts for conjugate additionLeung, King Chi
2015Design and synthesis of hemilabile heterocyclic phosphine Ligands and their applications in palladium-catalyzed carbon-carbon and carbon-nitrogen bond-construction processesWong, Shun Man
2010Design of highly efficient catalyst for transition-metal catalyzed cross-coupling processesSo, Chau-ming
2018Design, synthesis and evaluation of novel compounds as the NDM-1 inhibitors to fight antibiotic resistanceJin, Wen Bin
2008Detection and biosynthesis of puffer fish toxin from bacterial culture for novel medical applicationYu, Chung-him
2000Detection of rifampin resistant mycobacterium tuberculosis by nonradioactive polymerase chain reaction : single strand conformation polymorphism analysisChan, Kin-hung
2018Developing a novel strategy to treat glioblastoma : improving brain bioavailability of sorafenib with a synthetic flavonoid dimer to inhibit drug efflux in blood brain barrierHu, Xuesen
2009Development and optimization of fluorescent biosensors from various class A beta-lactamasesChung, Wai-hong
2012Development of a biosensing system from chloramphenicol acetyltransferaseChow, Ka Yan
2017Development of a colorimetric nanosensor and nano-biosorbents from amyloid fibrils of hen lysozyme for rapid detection of chromium(VI) and removal of dye and chromium(VI) pollutantsLeung, Wai Hong
1999Development of a cost-effective image analysis system and its applications in electrophoretic separationsChan, Cheok-man Andy
2011Development of a fluorescent drug screening tool from the TEM-1 beta-lactamaseCheong, Wing-lam
2019Development of amphiphilic cellulose nanocrystal/polymer composite particle and its applicationWang, Yiwa
2014Development of atropisomeric P, N-type ligands and their applications in Suzuki-Miyaura couplingLee, Dong-sheng
2018Development of cobalt(III) and rhodium(III)-catalyzed electrophilic aminations of organoboronic acids with Ο-protected hydroxamic acids and azo compounds and ruthenium(II)-catalyzed three-component cascade coupling reactions of α, β-unsaturated enones with organoboronic acids and Ν-chlorophthalimideLau, Yan Fung
2014Development of electrospray ionization mass spectrometry for direct analysis of complex samples and an investigation of ionization mechanism of matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometryWang, Haixing
2019Development of encapsulation methods for organic-based phase change materials in waterTan, Suqing
2001Development of experimental design and chromatographic techniques to optimise the chemical analysis of ginseng, ginkgo biloba and other Chinese medicinesNg, Kin-man