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2018N-terminal modification of peptides and proteins using 2-ethynylbenzaldehydes via isoquinolinium formationLai, Chun Him Nathanael
2023Native point defect tuned lanthanide persistent luminescence materials for theragnostic and photocatalysisLu, Lu
2017Nd³⁺-sensitized UCNPs with superior luminescent properties, anisotropic growth and luminescent janus systemGuo, Shuai
2006Neuroprotective effect by Z-ligustilide extracted from Radix Angelica sinensis for the treatment of cerebral ischemiaDu, Junrong
2015New development of electrospray ionization mass spectrometryHu, Bin
1998New enantioselective catalysts based on chiral amino alcoholsTong, Pui-erh
2011Nonclassical ruthenium silyl dihydride complexes and their catalytic activities : catalytic reactions with electrophilic bipyridine ruthenium complexesLee, Ting-yan
2017Novel amphiphilic core-shell nanocomposite particles for enhanced magnetic resonance imagingChen, Lianghui
2022Novel and multifunctional nanoplatforms for efficient synergistic cancer therapy and multimodal imagingFang, Xueyang
2017Novel biosensing platforms for a fast screening of milk contaminants and prostate cancerTsoi, Tik Hung
2011Novel dimeric antiacetylcholinesterase Bis(12)-hupyridone : neuroprotective and neuronal differentiation-promoting activities and their underlying molecular mechanismsCui, Wei
2014Novel metal/core-shell polymer composite particles : synthesis, characterization and potential applicationsTan, Noel Peter Bengzon
2014Novel mitotic regulators involved in breast cancer progressionLee, Lai Sheung
2011Novel nanostructure engineering via self-assembly of amphiphilic hollow particlesLee, Cheng-hao
2007Novel smart core-shell microgels : synthesis, characterization and applicationsLeung, Man-fai
2016Novel structures and properties of polysaccharides derived from exopolysaccharides produced by a cordyceps sinensis fungus in liquid fermentationChen, Xia
2015Novel water dispersible polymeric nanofluorophore : synthesis, characterization and potential applicationWong, Chun Him
2021De novo designed phenol-soluble-modulins-inspired peptides as effective antimicrobial agentsZeng, Ping
2018Nutritional characteristics of breast milk in Hong Kong lactating womenWong, Wing-si Vincy
1999Olefin epoxidation catalyzed by ruthenium porphyrins using dioxygen as oxidantChan, Wing-hang