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2013Selected activated sludge for production of environment-friendly bio-plasticsZhong, Dan
2012Selective oxidation of unactivated C-H bonds by supramolecular controlFung, Yat-Sing
2017Selenium nanoparticles prepared by myco-fabrication : a novel bone-forming agent for managing/preventing postmenopausal osteoporosisLuk, Kar Him
2000Shrimp freshness preservation : effects of chemical preservatives and modified atmosphere packaging on shrimp (Penaeus monodon) stored at chilling temperatureHo, Yiu-fai
2001Simulation of vibrational structure of photoelectron and electronic spectra of selected triatomic molecules using anharmonic potential functionsWang, Dechao
2000Site-directed mutagenesis of pyridoxal kinase from the brainWong, Ho-yan
2023Sodium arylsulfinates as a versatile sulfur surrogate for the synthesis of diaryl thioethers and n-aryl sulfonamidesLam, Long Yin
2008A sol-gel encapsulated biomass process for the removal ofcopper(II) ions from water and wastewaterCheung, Oi-yee
2006Solvent-free route for microwave-assisted organic synthesisChow, Wai-shan Toby
2006Some new approaches to alkene epoxidation with manganese catalystHo, Kam-piu
2003Spectroscopic characterization of recombinant pyridoxal kinase mutantsNg, Kang-to Michael
2021Spectroscopic study on oncogene promoter I-motif's folding behavior and stability at neutral pHMa, Huiya
2014Structural and biochemical studies of two key components within the autophagy molecular machinery : the Beclin1-VPS34 complex and p62Liu, Wenchao
2021Structural and functional studies of antibiotic resistance enzymesCheng, Qipeng
2013Structural and functional studies of the Beclin1-UVRAG complex in autophagy and endosomal traffickingHe, Yunjiao
2011Structural and functional studies on class A β-lactamase-derived biosensorsWong, Wai-ting
2011Structural and functional studies on trypanosoma brucei TTAGGG repeat-binding factor (tbTRF)Li, Xiaohua
2023Structural design and electronic modulation of molybdenum disulfide for electrochemical energy storage and conversionDing, Kang
2015Structural study of the active site of class A β-lactamase : mechanism of the catalytic process and its effect on antibiotic resistancePan, Xuehua
1999Structure and function relationship of enzyme : pyridoxal kinase and trichosanthinLau, Chi-kong