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2014Lower-order penalty methods for nonlinear optimization and complementarity problemsTian, Boshi
2017Markowitz's model with intractable liabilitiesHou, Danlin
1999Mathematical modelling for services schedulingLee, Chi-kit Curie
2018Mathematical modelling of the spread of mosquito-borne diseases and childhood infectionsZhao, Shi
2014Mathematical studies on some models arising in chemotaxis and magnetohydrodynamic turbulenceJin, Haiyang
2021Mean field game and team with stochastic leader-follower interactionXie, Tinghan
2017Mean-field formulation for multi-period asset-liability mean-variance portfolio selection with cash flowLiu, Wei
2008Model risks in the valuation of equity indexed annuitiesFung, Hon-kwok
2023Model-based derivative-free optimization methods and softwareRagonneau, Tom Mael
2021Modelling and analysis of tropical diseasesMusa, Salihu Sabiu
2016Modelling and data analysis of the transmission of Avian Influenza, Ebola Virus Disease and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome CoronavirusLin, Qianying
2019Modelling and statistical inference of infectious diseasesLin, Qianying
2015Multi-period mean-variance asset-liability portfolio selectionWu, Xianping
2010Multiobjective optimization problems, vector variational inequalities and proximal-type methodsChen, Zhe
2014Near-field beamformer design problemsLi, Zhibao
2023New frameworks for image segmentation methods involving variational models and neural networksLiu, Chaoyu
2023Nonparametric Bayesian statistics harnessing the forces of data in change-point detection and survival analysisZhong, Chong
2016Nonparametric statistical inference for survival dataHao, Meiling
2022Numerical analysis and computation of some nonlinear evolution equationsMa, Shu
2020Numerical methods and analysis for some partial differential equations with nonsmooth structureWang, Kai