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2019Quantification and convergence analysis of two-stage stochastic variational inequality problemsJiang, Jie
2010Risk management in finance and insurance via stochastic optimizationLiu, Jingzhen
1998Select the best algorithm of joint replenishment inventory control for DSLYip, Wing-mui
2003Semi-infinite programming and semi-definite optimization problemsLi, Shengjie
2012Semiparametric regression analysis of longitudinal data with informative observation timesDeng, Shirong
2016Semiparametric regression analysis of recurrent eventsFeng, Xuenan
1998Signal compression by discrete recurrent neural networksSo, Tung
2001Solving the multi-buyer joint replenishment problem with simulated annealing methodLam, Chi-kin
2000Some numerical and theoretical results on a two-dimensional dam overflow problemLi, Tian-cheng
2011Some parametric and semiparametric models for financial time series analysisZhang, Xingfa
2011Spatial regression models with spatially correlated errorsZhang, Fan
2013Spectral hypergraph theoryHu, Shenglong
2014Spherical tε-design and approximation on the sphere : theory and algorithmsZhou, Yang
2015Stochastic optimal control for market making on coupled Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processesYuen, Yui Chi Peter
2012The study of a class of analytical solutions for six fluid dynamical systemsYuen, Man Wai
1999A study of algorithms for identifying parameters of a dynamical system approximating time seriesLeung, Shing-keung
2000A study of combination of forecastsWong, Chi-shing
2001A study of option pricing models with concentration on lookback optionsLau, Ka-chuen
2000A study of pricing barrier options by analytic methodsLam, Chi-keung
1999A study of qualitative and quantitative component analysis for Chinese proprietary medicinesWong, Siu-kay