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2001Acoustic sensors using 0-3 nanocompositesLau, Sien-ting
2006Active-passive vibration isolation devices for automation and precision equipment applicationsYung, Chung-sheung
2023Additives for building highly efficient lead-halide perovskite solar cellsCheng, Haiyang
2002Adhesion study of thermosetting powder resin to metal surfacesWu, Chi-kwan
2022Advanced anode materials for potassium ion batteries : insertion chemistry and stability explorationDu, Xiaoqiong
2004Advanced transducer technologies for electrical connections in microelectronic packagingLi, Hing-leung
2021All-optical modulation of linear and nonlinear emissions in plasmonic nanogap systemsLiu, Danjun
2009All-oxide giant-magnetoresistive devicesChan, Yuk-kwan
2011Aluminium nitride nanowires for electronic and photonic applicationsHui, Yeung-yu
2019Amplified spontaneous emission and lasing from lead halide perovskites under multiple-photon excitationYang, Decheng
2003Application of the preisach model to ferroelectric compositesTsang, Chun-ho
2015Applications of graphene transistors in biological sensingZhang, Meng
2017Approaches for enhancing the efficiency of organic solar cellsLiu, Shenghua
2000Approximation of a fractal curve using feed-forward neural networksHo, Wai-shing
2024Artificial photosynthesis for glucose precursor productionXie, Fengjia
2019Atomic scale structure variations at ferroelectric domain walls in multiferroic BiFeO₃Leung, Man Ho
2018Atomic view of chalcogenide-based resistance switching memoriesKo, Tsz Wai
2010B-site cation mixed multiferroic perovskite materialsSuen, Wai-ping
1999BaPbO3/PE composite for PTCR applicationsYue, I-hung Raymond
2009Barium Strontium Titanate ferroelectric tunable photonic and phononic crystalsJim, Kwok-lung