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2007Deposition parameter dependence of hydridation-dehydridation effects of bilayered magnesium-nickel/palladium thin filmsTang, Yu-ming
2019Design and fabrication of lanthanide-doped upconversion particles for optical applicationsWang, Ting
2019Design and fabrication of low-loss plasmonic and upconversion lasersSiu, Chun Kit
2014Design and fabrication of optical tunable filtersLam, Man Ying
2020Design and fabrication of perovskite based frequency-upconverted nano/micro lasersLi, Siqi
2006Development and applications of long afterglow luminescent materialsWong, Wing-fai
2006Development and characterization of thin-film solid oxide fuel cellsWong, Chun-nam
2014Development of a new generation of fluorescent labeling agents based on rare-earth doped phosphorsTsang, Ming Kiu
2015Development of carbon-based nanocomposites for energy storage and environmental applicationsFei, Linfeng
2013Development of electromagnetic metamaterials for microwave applicationsYong, Zehui
2009Development of lead-free piezoelectric ceramic resonators for high-frequency oscillator applicationsWong, Ho-yan
2008Development of lead-free ultrasonic wirebonding transducers for microelectronic packaging applicationsLee, Tact
2022Development of metal halide perovskite films for light emitting diode applicationsZhuang, Lyuchao
2011Development of novel low-temperature selective hydrogen gas sensors made of palladium/oxide or nitride capped Mg-transition metal hydride filmsTang, Yu Ming
2017Development of railtrack tuned mass damper moduleTam, Po Lai
2004Dielectric and electrooptic properties of PMN-PT single crystals and thin filmsCheng, Kei-chun
2008Dielectric properties of barium strontium titanate (BST) thin films and phase shifters based on BST thin filmsZhou, Xiaoyuan
2006Effect of electric conductivity in ferroelectric structuresZhou, Yan
1998Effective medium theory of elastic and thermoelastic properties of fiber compositesChen, Lai-tak
2007Effective piezoelectric properties of composite materialsHo, Chi-hin