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2007Nanocrystals embedded in HfO2-based dielectrics as charge storage nodes of nano-floating gate memoryLee, Pui-fai
2018Nanostructure enhanced thermoelectric properties in SnSe and SnTe thin filmsSuen, Chun Hung
2013A new lead-free transparent electro-optic ceramic for optoelectronic applicationLi, Faliang
2018New plasmon-exciton coupling induced optical phenomena in monolayered WS₂ sandwiched in a metal-film-coupled nanocavityLiu, Jin
2016Non-rare-earth doped thin-film photonic materials with ultrabroadband near-infrared luminescenceBai, Gongxun
2018Non-volatile field effect modulation of magnetism in dilute magnetic oxide thin filmsWong, Hon Fai
2003A novel approach for fabricating thick cubic boron nitride coatings on silicon and tungsten carbide-based cutting toolsWong, Sing-fai
2019Novel plasmonic metal-semiconductor hybrid photocatalysts for enhanced organic decompositionHo, Kwun Hei Willis
2006Numerical investigation on the interaction between particles and eddies in gas-particle flows behind a backward-facing stepYu, Kin-fung
2001Optical absorption of dual-ion-beam deposited silicon nitride filmsLi, Kwok-leung
2017Optical and electrical properties of two-dimensional materialsTan, Choon Kiat
2012Optical properties and modulated luminescence of metal ion doped phosphorsZhang, Yang
2005Optical properties of lead magnesium niobate-lead titanate (PMN-PT) and strontium barium niobate (SBN) thin filmsChan, Ka-yi
1999Optical properties of sol-gel derived SrxBa1-xNb2O6 (SBN) for optoelectronic applicationHo, Man-tak Melanie
2016Optical properties of WS₂ decorated with gold nanoparticlesChoi, Sin Yuk
2018Optically-controlled multifunctional electronic devicesZhou, Feichi
2019Optics in perovskites and low-mobility materials based solar cells and color vision in perovskite sensorsQarony, Md Wayesh
1999Optimization of the efficiency of switched-mode power transformersLai, Chi-wing
2015Optofluidic reactors for photocatalytic water purificationWang, Ning
2018Optofluidic tunable lenses for in-plane light manipulationChen, Qingming