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1997Performance study of the ultrasonic wire bonder used in microelectronic packagingOr, Siu-wing
2018Photoconductivity and photo-assisted gas sensing effect of reactive pulsed radio-frequency sputtered large-area 2-dimensional tin disulfide filmsWong, Man Hon
2010Physical properties of (Zn, Mg)O thin films and related heterojunctionsWong, Hon-fai
2022Physical vapor deposition of elemental ultrathin films and heterostructuresWu, Zehan
2022Piezo-catalysis and pyro-catalysis for hydrogen production and pollutant treatmentYou, Huilin
2021Piezo-phototronic effect in 2D III-VI compound based heterostructures for optoelectronic device applicationsZhao, Yuqian
2001Piezoelectric actuators for ultrasonic wire bonding applicationsTang, Kwan-wai
2002Piezoelectric ceramic fibre/polymer 1-3 composites for transducer applicationsLi, Kun
2003Piezoelectric coefficients of ceramic thin filmsTsang, Chin-wah Rodney
2003Piezoelectric pressure sensors for microelectronic packagingChoy, Siu-hong
1999Piezoelectric properties of III-V nitridesLueng, Chiu-ming
2007Piezoelectric transducers for nebulizer applicationXu, Wencheng
2016Plasmon-enhanced upconversion emissions from lanthanide-doped nanocrystals hybridized with metal nanoparticlesHe, Jijun
2020Plasmonic nanohole array with strong mode coupling for hot carrier generationWong, Yat Lam
2003Poling of ferroelectric 0-3 compositesOr, Yuk-tin
2019Porous materials for solar-thermal conversion and catalytic water splittingMa, Sainan
2004Preparation and characterization of ferroelectric ceramic/ceramic composite films for MEMS applicationsCheung, Mei-kuen
2013Preparation and characterization of sodium potassium niobate-based electro-optic ceramicsChan, Man Ting
2004Preparation and characterization of sol-gel derived niobium-doped lead zirconate titanate films for membrane-actuator applicationsKwok, Kin-pong
2015Preparation and spectroscopic properties of rare earth-doped bismuth sodium titanate-based ferroelectric ceramicsLau, Chi Man