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2006Theoretical studies on domain structures in ferroelectricsTsang, Chun-ho
2016Theoretical study of diatomic plasmonic chains : Zak phase and spatial-temporal symmetriesLing, Chi Wai
2017Theoretical study of nonlinear and non-hermitian electrodynamics in chains of plasmonic nanoparticlesMok, Tsz Chung
2000The thermal and electrical properties of carbon black/liquid crystalline polymer compositesLo, Kwan-leong
1999Thermal and mechanical properties of a ferroelectric copolymer P(VDF/TrFE)Hui, Ngai-man
2002Thermally optimized linear pyroelectric arrayFung, Wing-man
1999Thermoelectric power of thin filmsNg, Chi-fuk Astric
2000Thermomechanical analysis of bambooAu-Yeung, Wai-leung
2005Thickness effects in ferroelectric thin filmsLi, Kwok-tung
2018Thin film transition metal chalcogenide based gas sensorsNg, Ngai Hang
2007TiO2 coating on NiTi by low-temperature methods for enhancing corrosion resistanceWong, Man-hon
2015Transport and optical characteristics of graphene-based hybrid structure and two-dimensional layered gallium selenideJie, Wenjing
2007Trapped-energy high-frequency piezoelectric resonatorsWong, Hon-tung
2012Tunable photonic devices in ferroelectric-based layered structuresXin, Jianzhuo
2015Tunable plasmonic devices in gold/dielectric nanostructuresNg, Ki Fung
2009Ultrasonic transducer equipped with a magnetoelectric sensor for weld quality monitoringCheung, Kwok-fung
2018Versatile energy harvesting and self-powered sensors based on the integration of triboelectric nanogenerators and functional polymersXu, Wei
2019Vertical graphene tunnelling heterostructures with ultrathin ferroelectric film as a tunnel barrierChan, Hung Lit
2018Water purification using photocatalysis, ozonation and ultraviolet disinfectionTsoi, Chi Chung