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2021Electromyography (EMG)-driven neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) and robot hybrid system for upper limb rehabilitation after strokeNam, Ching Yi
2022Endothelial senescence modulates chondrocyte fate in joint ageing and osteoarthritisChing, Karen
2020Endothelin receptor subtypes in cartilage homeostasis and diseaseAu, Man Ting
2022Engineering tissue microenvironment-inspired electrospun fibrous scaffolds for intervention of disease progressionZhang, Qiang
2022Estimation of plane of maximum curvature for enhancement of orthotic management of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS)Wu, Huidong
2018Facile surface functionalization of gold nanoparticles and quantum dots for precipitation-based real-time monitoring of isothermal DNA amplificationQin, Ailin
2019Finite element modelling for evaluation of compression/release stabilized transfemoral prosthetic socketMeng, Zhaojian
2022Flexible array ultrasound transducer for imaging of spineShea, Tsung Kwan
2022Fluid shear stress in blood circulation selects metastasis-initiating cells from circulating tumor cellsXin, Ying
2021Focusing and manipulation of diffused light with wavefront engineering : techniques and applicationsYu, Zhipeng
2021Functionalized electrospun scaffold as dressing for skin and bone repairBei, Ho Pan
2019Fundamentals of selective ultrasonic brain stimulationQiu, Zhihai
2022GelMA hydrogels as tissue engineering scaffoldsPiao, Yun
2018In vivo molecular imaging and assessment of tumor microenvironment by ultrasound and photoacousticsLiu, Cheng
2022Investigating mechanosensitive ion channel piezo1’s role in in vivo ultrasonic neuromodulationZhu, Jiejun
2023Investigation of exo-neuro-musculo-skeleton with neural-network-based evaluation for ankle-foot rehabilitation after strokeYe, Fuqiang
2023Investigation of gait parameters for fatigue detectionZhang, Guoxin
2018Investigation of multi-joint coordinated upper limb rehabilitation assisted with electromyography (EMG)-driven neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES)-robot after strokeQian, Qiuyang
2020Investigation of robot assisted sensorimotor upper limb rehabilitation after strokeHuang, Yanhuan
2023The mechanics of local niches in the primary tumor regulate breast cancer brain metastasisTang, Kai