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2018In vivo molecular imaging and assessment of tumor microenvironment by ultrasound and photoacousticsLiu, Cheng
2022Investigating mechanosensitive ion channel piezo1’s role in in vivo ultrasonic neuromodulationZhu, Jiejun
2024Investigating the effect of Nivolumab drug on the adhesion of Jurkat cells and SK-MEL-28 cells and the degree of T cell activationLiu, Yutian
2023Investigation of exo-neuro-musculo-skeleton with neural-network-based evaluation for ankle-foot rehabilitation after strokeYe, Fuqiang
2023Investigation of gait parameters for fatigue detectionZhang, Guoxin
2018Investigation of multi-joint coordinated upper limb rehabilitation assisted with electromyography (EMG)-driven neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES)-robot after strokeQian, Qiuyang
2020Investigation of robot assisted sensorimotor upper limb rehabilitation after strokeHuang, Yanhuan
2023The mechanics of local niches in the primary tumor regulate breast cancer brain metastasisTang, Kai
2020Metal-organic framework nanoprobes : new approaches to chemical sensing and phototherapy of alzheimer's diseaseWang, Jiuhai
2020Microbubbles and nanodroplets based theranostic platform for dual-mode ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging and therapeuticsTian, Feng
2021Microsphere enhanced optical neural stimulation and photoacoustic neural recordingCao, Fei
2023Mild adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) classification using 3D ultrasound imaging methodsYang, De
2018Molybdenum disulfide based nanoprobes for biosensing and bioimagingShi, Jingyu
2022Monitoring of spine curvature progression of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) patients using three-dimensional ultrasoundLai, Ka Lee
2018Multi-objective analysis for assessing the effects of load carriage on the spineLi, Siu Wai
2023Nanomaterial-based exosome detection and engineered exosome-nanomaterial complex for combinatorial cancer immunotherapyZhang, Ruolin
2020Nature-inspired microfluidics network for organ-on-a-chip applicationMao, Mao
2020Neuromodulatory effects of ultrasound stimulation on cervical cord injured ratsAhmed, Rakib Uddin
2023Neuromuscular networking connectivity in sensorimotor impairments after strokeZhou, Sa
2022Non-neuronal and non-enzymatic role of acetylcholinesterase in bone remodeling and disorderLuo, Xiaohe