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2023Simulation and experimental studies on indirect evaporative cooling system with porous materialShi, Wenchao
2023Smart firefighting framework and building fire forecast driven by artificial intelligenceZhang, Tianhang
2024Smart tunnel fire forecast and safety management driven by artificial intelligence of thingsZhang, Xiaoning
2023Smouldering fuel processing, emission flammability, and carbon footprintChen, Yuying
2023Solid isotropic material with thickness penalisation – an additive manufacturing-oriented structural topology optimisation method with a 2.5d approachYarlagadda, Tejeswar
2022State of the art large scale simulation of buildings in fire : the case of WTC7Orabi, Mhd Anwar
2022Study of glass breakage in compartment fire and the effect to fire dynamicsLuo, Chongyu
2023A study of pedestrian-level wind and outdoor thermal comfort under urban elevated designsChen, Lan
2023A study of pollutant dispersion mechanism in medical environments using particle image velocimetry (PIV) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD)Li, Xiujie
2023Study of the effect of observation site and propagation path on lightning-produced electromagnetic pulse (LEMP) based on rocket-triggered lightning data and FDTD codeZhang, Ge
2023Study of ventilation effects on fire behavior in large open-plan compartmentsLau, Hoi Shuk Virginia
2023A study on acoustic environmental evaluation of open-plan offices in mainland ChinaKang, Shengxian
2023Study on air pollution implications for solar photovoltaic power generationSong, Zhe
2022Study on the elderly's outdoor thermal comfort in the housing estates in Hong Kong based on on-site measurement and numerical simulationWang, Jiawei
2023Study on the elderly’s outdoor thermal comfort in the open spaces of the public housing estate in Hong KongChan, Man Ying
2023Study on the fire safety performance of modern structures subjected to facade firesHuang, Zhaoying
2022Study on the preferred microclimate conditions for the elderly in public housing estates in Hong Kong based on passive observation methodWang, Tianqi
2022A survey on acoustic environments in open-plan offices in PolyUCheung, Kin Yeung
2023Towards safer buildings : an integrated approach for structural fire analysis, design, and collapse predictionNan, Zhuojun
2023Tracer gas experiments on bioaerosol transmissions in the drainage system of a 3-floor mock-up toiletZhan, Ni