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2012Barriers to Building Energy Efficiency (BEE) promotion : a transaction costs perspectiveQian, Kun Queena
2022A best practice framework for implementing residential modular integrated construction projects in Hong KongWuni, Ibrahim Yahaya
2017A best practice framework for public-private partnership implementation for infrastructure development in GhanaOsei-Kyei, Robert
2022Best practice public-private partnership (PPP) models for delivering smart infrastructure development projectsJayasena, Nimesha Sahani
2022BIM divide : a hybrid approach to the adoption and implementation of BIM by construction small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in developing countries - the case of NigeriaSaka, Abdullahi Babatunde
2011A BIM-based Pre-occupancy Evaluation Platform (PEP) for facilitating designer-client communication in the early design stageShen, Weilin
2018Biomechanical evaluation & mitigation of occupational safety hazards related to manual rebar tyingUmer, Waleed
2022Catalyst development and air electrode structure engineering for rechargeable Zn-air batteriesDai, Yawen
2021CCTV-based deterioration patterns of sewer pipelinesSalihu, Comfort
2006Characterization of porous construction materials using electromagnetic radar waveLai, Wai-lok Wallace
2010Combination of mediation with arbitration : Chinese mainland and Hong Kong perspectivesTian, Jun
2010The "community question" in the state-led urbanization process of post-reform China: a case study of ShanghaiXu, Ying
2022A community resilience assessment framework for university townsAbdul-Rahman, Mohammed
2010Competitiveness for real estate developers : a China studyZhang, Xiaoling
2005A conceptual model of success for design and build projects in the public sector of Hong KongLam, Wai-ming
2015Construction equipment reliability analysis and failure predictionFan, Qing
2008Construction industry development and government policyChan, Wing-tung Patrick
2012Construction knowledge mining and application of generalized fuzzy network in construction decision managementZhou, Yuguang
2011Construction of real estate market early warning system in GuangzhouGuo, Xinxin
2019A contextual framework for sustainable neighbourhood planning in transitional urban China : a case of Chengdu cityZhang, Qi