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2020The effect of phonological neighbors and homophones on spoken word recognition in Mandarin ChineseSharma, Bhamini
2019Effect of word order asymmetry on cognitive process of English-Chinese sight translation by interpreting trainees : evidence from eye-trackingMa, Xingcheng
2016Effects of semantic transparency of Chinese disyllabic compound words on CSL learners' incidental vocabulary learning through readingTang, Ming
2024Embodiment and modality exclusivity of Chinese verbsBritton, James Richard
2013An empirical study into categorisation and cause of omission in simultaneous interpretingLi, Jing
2014An empirical study of explicitation patterns in consecutive interpreting : a comparison between professional and novice interpretersTang, Fang
2011The English equivalents of Cantonese sentence-final particles : a contrastive analysisWakefield, John C
2011English translations of Shen Congwen's storiesXu, Minhui
2016Enhancing intercultural communication in teaching Chinese as a foreign language : an action research studyIp, Wei Hing
2024Examining the effects of empathy and dialogic risk communication in physicians' text-based messages on patient satisfaction and compliance in Chinese online medical consultationsLu, Wenze
2011Expansion and closure : towards a theory of Wh-construals in ChineseHe, Chuansheng
2023Experience and bilingual advantage : an exploration of individual variationHui, Nga Yan
2023An experimental investigation into older adults of production/comprehension asymmetries and declarative/procedural memory contributions: a Chinese contextXie, Chenwei
2024Exploring the textual characteristics of constrained English varieties : a comparative study of translated English, EFL, and native English using a multidimensional approachChen, Jiaxin
2022First language attrition and second language attainment of Mandarin-speaking immigrants in Hong Kong : evidence from prosodic focusYang, Yike
2020Fluency in simultaneous interpreting of trainee interpreters : the perspectives of cognitive, utterance and perceived fluencySong, Shuxian
2007A formal treatment of explicature and the pragmatics of conditional statementsWong, Chun-wing Eddy
2013Functions of Chinese classifiers : a syntax-semantics interface accountJin, Jing
2021Identification of L2 interpretese : a corpus-based, intermodal, and multidimensional analysisXu, Cui
2021The impact of Filipina domestic workers on the language acquisition of bilingual Hong Kong primary school childrenWolfaardt, Jacobus Francois