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2016A study of three English translations of Shuihu ZhuanWang, Yunhong
2007A study of Zhou Shoujuan's translation of western fictionLi, Dechao
2015A study on the developmental characteristics of Hong Kong primary students' ability to integrate textual information in narrative text readingLiao, Xian
2013A study on the reading strategies of CSL adult learnersKe, Sihui
2018Synaesthesia, metaphor, and cognition : a corpus-based study on synaesthetic adjectives in Mandarin ChineseZhao, Qingqing
2012Tone merger in Guangzhou CantoneseOu, Jinghua
2014Translation as culture transplant : a case stuey of Morrison's Bible translation and Taiping Heavenly KingdomWang, Yuechen
1999The vernacularization of standard Baihuawen during the period of 1917-1955Cheng, Lai-ming
2001Whose strange stories? : a study of Herbert Giles' (1845-1935), translation of P'u Sung-ling's 蒲松齡 (1640-1715), Liao-chai Chih-i 聊齋誌異Tong, Man
2010Word order and subjectivity in CantoneseWong, Cheuk-lam Cherie
2014丁译《万国公法》研究杨 焯; Yang, Zhuo
2010《哈姆雷特》汉译的辞格研究Xie, Guixia
2013实在类情态副词的句法语义研究王宏; Wang, Hong
2001林紓翻譯的真真假假 : 西方及非洲的形象羅蔚芊; Lo, Wai-tsin
2010林译狄更斯小说研究邢杰; Xing, Jie
2001漢語動結結構句法與語義研究王玲玲; Wang, Lingling
2001福爾摩斯偵探小說文言譯本研究 (1896-1916): 懸念和人物塑造陳韻琴; Chan, Wankam Janice
2014篇章連接成分與漢語語文讀本的可讀性研究丁虹; Ding, Hong
2011香港双语法例中条件句的翻译研究王艳; Wang, Yan
2013香港巴基斯坦裔中學生學習漢語「上」、「下」方位詞、空間概念和趨向補語的狀況 : 偏誤分析及對應教學策略的成效陳美晶; Chan, Mei Ching Daphne