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2023Mapping neologism and collective human behavioral changes : a study of COVID-19 related emergent neologisms using big dataLei, Siyu
2023Mapping the language of spices : a corpus-based, philological study on the words of the spice domainParti, Gabor
2024Nonword repetition in children with developmental language disorder : revisiting the case of CantoneseFu, Nga Ching
2009On the syntax of non-verbal predication in Mandarin ChineseZhang, Qingwen
2022The perception and production development of Cantonese syllable-final segments by Mandarin speakersZhang, Changwei
2024Phonological areas in EurasiaJoo, Ian
2024Phonological processing and encoding of tones in Mandarin ChineseChen, Siying
2018Phonological segmentation neighborhoodsNeergaard, Karl David
2024Pitch variation in Cantonese-speaking children and adults with apraxia of speechWong, Chun Ho
2019Pragmatic competence of advanced CSL learners in spoken Chinese : a comparison of native speakers of English and of CantoneseFan, Ling
2012Procedural lexical semanticsŠimon, Petr
2020The productivity of tone sandhi in Mandarin-speaking children and its developmental featuresHuang, Xunan
2023(Re)framing to (re)evaluate : metaphors in cross-national COVID-19 news translationLiu, Yufeng
2024Reconstructing news values of the frenemy through journalistic translation on WeChatZeng, Weixin
2019The relation between verb factivity and theory of mind understanding in Mandarin-speaking children with and without autism spectrum disorderLi, Honglan
2013Semantics of event nounsWang, Shan
2018Speaker-oriented adverbs and cross-propositional logic : a case study of the Mandarin adverb pianpianZhou, Mi
2016A study of three English translations of Shuihu ZhuanWang, Yunhong
2007A study of Zhou Shoujuan's translation of western fictionLi, Dechao
2015A study on the developmental characteristics of Hong Kong primary students' ability to integrate textual information in narrative text readingLiao, Xian