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2022Categorical speech perception across the lifespanFeng, Yan
2014China daily as a competing and hybridized discourse : a discourse-analytic approachLiu, Ming
2015The Chinese aspectual systemXu, Hongzhi
2011Chinese middle constructions : a case of disposition ascriptionTao, Yuan
2020The cognitive mechanisms underlying the extrinsic perceptual normalization of vowelsZhang, Kaile
2000A comparison of "old-style" and "new-style" of the general Hakka accent as spoken by the "indigenous inhabitants" of Hong KongLau, Chun-fat
2020Comparison of the language vitality between Oroqen and Russian Chinese in the Hulunbuir region of Inner Mongolia, ChinaBai, Xiaodan
2022Comprehension and production of relative clauses in Cantonese children with and without developmental language disorder (DLD)Lai, Jane Man-yu
2000Constructing bilingual norms for bilingual program assessment : a study of bilingual writing performance of Cantonese-speaking students in Hong Kong (China) and Anglophone students in Montreal (Canada)Kwok, Sui-yee Carol
2018A corpus based computational model of the lexical aspect and viewpoint aspect in ChineseLiu, Hongchao
2021A corpus-based register analysis of Chinese public written announcementsDo, Hue Sang
2021A corpus-based research of Chinese verbal ironyLi, Anran
2017A corpus-based textual analysis of irony and sarcasm in scripted discourseLaszlo, Anna Xenia
2020Cracking the speech code in tone language speakers with autism spectrum disorders : mechanisms and treatmentChen, Fei
2024Cross-linguistic processing of prosodic focus in L1 Cantonese and L3 Mandarin by trilingual adults and childrenLi, Bei
2016Crowdsourcing method in empirical linguistic research : Chinese studies using mechanical turk-based experimentationWang, Shichang
2006Culture, product category and advertising situation : a comparative study of advertising appeals in web automobile advertisements between the People's Republic of China and the United States of AmericaChung, Mei-king
2021Decoding emotions in social media : a linguistic analysis of implicit emotions and eventsLau, Yan Ping Helena
2015The development of noun-modifying constructions in child MandarinLiu, Zhaojing
2018Discursive construction of personal and social identities by Chinese celebrities on Sina WeiboLin, Minfen