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2016Making sense : from word distribution to meaningSantus, Enrico
2023Mapping neologism and collective human behavioral changes : a study of COVID-19 related emergent neologisms using big dataLei, Siyu
2023Mapping the language of spices : a corpus-based, philological study on the words of the spice domainParti, Gabor
2024Nonword repetition in children with developmental language disorder : revisiting the case of CantoneseFu, Nga Ching
2009On the syntax of non-verbal predication in Mandarin ChineseZhang, Qingwen
2022The perception and production development of Cantonese syllable-final segments by Mandarin speakersZhang, Changwei
2024Phonological areas in EurasiaJoo, Ian
2024Phonological processing and encoding of tones in Mandarin ChineseChen, Siying
2018Phonological segmentation neighborhoodsNeergaard, Karl David
2024Pitch variation in Cantonese-speaking children and adults with apraxia of speechWong, Chun Ho
2019Pragmatic competence of advanced CSL learners in spoken Chinese : a comparison of native speakers of English and of CantoneseFan, Ling
2012Procedural lexical semanticsŠimon, Petr
2020The productivity of tone sandhi in Mandarin-speaking children and its developmental featuresHuang, Xunan
2023(Re)framing to (re)evaluate : metaphors in cross-national COVID-19 news translationLiu, Yufeng
2024Reconstructing news values of the frenemy through journalistic translation on WeChatZeng, Weixin
2019The relation between verb factivity and theory of mind understanding in Mandarin-speaking children with and without autism spectrum disorderLi, Honglan
2013Semantics of event nounsWang, Shan
2018Speaker-oriented adverbs and cross-propositional logic : a case study of the Mandarin adverb pianpianZhou, Mi
2016A study of three English translations of Shuihu ZhuanWang, Yunhong
2007A study of Zhou Shoujuan's translation of western fictionLi, Dechao