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2021Maximizing the utilization of recycled glass aggregates in concrete blocksYang, Shuqing
2015Measurement of nitrous acid (HONO) and the implications to photochemical pollutionZha, Qiaozhi
2017Measurement of nitryl chloride with a chemical ionization mass spectrometer in polluted China environment : investigation of its abundance, origin, and impact on oxidative chemistryTham, Yee Jun
2020Mechanical performance test of scale model for FRP underground storage tanksLin, Hai-zhuo
2019Mechanical properties of high strength steel S690 and S355 funnel-shaped coupons under low cycle high strain testsCheng, Xin
2020Mechanical properties of rock joints under tension and application to tensile stress wave propagationHan, Dongya
2015Micro-macro mechanisms of cohesionless granular media : particle shape, fabric, crushing and loading pathsYang, Yi
2013Modal energy transfer of a curved beam as a damping mechanismHui, Chun Kam
2019Model-free damage identification of high-speed railway enabled by on-line monitoring and Bayesian frameworkGong, Yi
2014Modeling activity and travel choice behaviour for land use and transport optimization problemsOuyang, Lianqun
2022Modeling household joint activity-travel choices in multi-modal transportation networks : an activity-based network equilibrium approachVo, Dang Khoa
2021Modeling of pedestrian safety at the macroscopic levelSu, Junbiao
2016Modeling of vegetated flows with uncertainty estimationBusari, Afis Olumide
2015Modeling the properties of concrete prepared with recycled aggregates derived from different sourcesDuan, Zhenhua
2015Modelling activity and travel choice behaviour : a network equilibrium approachFu, Xiao
2020Modelling and forecasting algal blooms growth in Tolo Harbour by using neural network model and support vector machineDeng, Tianan
2014Modelling individual and household activity : travel scheduling behaviours in stochastic transportation networksXiong, Yiliang
2015A modelling study of multiphase chemistry in cloud droplets and deliquescent particles in ChinaGuo, Jia
2022Monitoring and assessment of construction-induced vibration impact on surroundingsWang, Shiguang
2022Monotonic and cyclic behaviour of beams and beam-columns using cold-formed hollow steel sections with moderate heat-treatmentPannuzzo, Paola