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2017Bayesian-based methodology for progressive structural health evaluation and prediction by use of monitoring dataWang, Youwu
2019Behavior and modeling of compound concrete-filled FRP tubular (CCFFT) columnsZhou, Jiekai
2014Behavior and modeling of RC columns confined with large-rupture strain FRP compositesBai, Yulei
2018Behavior and modelling of RC beams with an FRP-strengthened web openingNie, Xuefei
2014Behavior of FRP-confined self-compacting concreteFang, Xiaoliang
2018Behavior of large-scale hybrid FRP-concrete-steel double-skin tubular columns subjected to concentric and eccentric compressionXie, Pan
2013Behavior of large-size FRP-jacketed circular and rectangular reinforced concrete columnsZhang, Yue-xin
2017Behaviour and modelling of large-scale FRP-confined rectangular and curvilinearized rectangular RC columnsZeng, Jun-jie
2017Behaviour and modelling of large-scale hybrid FRP-concrete-steel double-skin tubular beams with shear connectorsZhao, Jun-liang
2015Behaviour of typical pavement subgrade materials in Hong Kong under portable falling weight deflectometer testLeung, Lai Ming Gordon
2018Characterisation of soil spatial variability and applications in ground explorationLiu, Wenfei
2016The characterization and source identification of airborne particles in Hong KongGao, Yuan
2012Comfort assessment of tower-like slender structures under typhoons and earthquakesLiao, Weiyang
2017Comparison of environmental performance of steel and reinforced concrete buildings by linear and nonlinear analysisYu, Han
2017Compound modification of asphalt mixtures for low-noise, low-emission and durability purposesLin, Shiying
2013Computational models for FRP-confined concrete and FRP-confined RC columnsXiao, Qiongguan
2015Construction settlement monitoring and thermal actions monitoring of supertall structuresSu, Jiazhan
2014The control of airflow and acoustic energy for ventilation system in sustainable buildingWang, Zhihong
2013Correlation between air pollution and metallic corrosionLiu, Bo
2017CO₂ curing of concrete blocks containing recycled aggregateZhan, Baojian