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2020Carbon nanotube-based hierarchical fillers modified cementitious composites for smart structuresDing, Siqi
2023Changes in asphalt binder at molecular and microstructural levels during aging and rejuvenation and the effects on binder rheological propertiesLi, Fangjin
2020Characterisation of anaerobic digester microbiome in various operating conditions using next-generation and third-generation sequencing technologiesLam, Yu-chung
2018Characterisation of soil spatial variability and applications in ground explorationLiu, Wenfei
2023Characteristics, sources and formation mechanisms of organic aerosols in the atmosphere of Hong KongYao, Dawen
2022Characterization and quantitative analysis of asphalt fumes generated in asphalt pavement materialsHao, Gengren
2016The characterization and source identification of airborne particles in Hong KongGao, Yuan
2020Characterization of inhaled hazardous particulates in asphalt pavement constructionMo, Shicong
2023Chemical characteristics and health risk assessment of indoor PM2.5 in Chinese residential homesZhang, Zhuozhi
2019Chloride emissions inventory from open biomass burning in tropical Asia for 2008-2018Liang, Liang
2012Comfort assessment of tower-like slender structures under typhoons and earthquakesLiao, Weiyang
2020A comparative study of rail and bus travel by low-income households in the Hongkong household travel surveyHuang, YI
2017Comparison of environmental performance of steel and reinforced concrete buildings by linear and nonlinear analysisYu, Han
2020A comparison study of the performance of commercial ultrafiltration and nanofiltration membranes for advanced wastewater treatmentZhu, Yu
2017Compound modification of asphalt mixtures for low-noise, low-emission and durability purposesLin, Shiying
2013Computational models for FRP-confined concrete and FRP-confined RC columnsXiao, Qiongguan
2022Concrete-to-concrete interfaces : behaviour and modellingDing, Tao
2020Consolidation of soft soils with creep in 1D and 2D conditions under different temperaturesLi, An
2021Construction of a numerical platform for enzymatic saccharification and multi-sugars fermentation for simulation of whole slurry biorefineryChan, Ka Lai
2015Construction settlement monitoring and thermal actions monitoring of supertall structuresSu, Jiazhan