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2017Eco-friendly construction materials prepared with light weight and rubberised concreteZhang, Binyu
2022Effect of temperature variation on the interfacial debonding mechanisms of FRP-strengthened steel beamsGuo, Dong
2018The effects and causes of oxidative aging of compacted asphalt mixturesWen, Yong
2023Effects of seawater and seawater-abundant salt solutions on the hydration behaviours and mechanical properties of alite pastesSun, Yanjie
2019Effects of soil spatial variability, sampling strategy and field monitoring on geotechnical reliabilityLo, Man Kong
2018Efficient and conditional reliability analysis of slopes in spatially variable soilsLiu, Leilei
2021Elastic stability of elliptical cylindrical shells under axial compression or torsionZhang, Pan
2022Electroactive biochars for green and sustainable remediationWan, Zhonghao
2014Electromagnetic damping and energy harvesting devices in civil structuresShen, Wenai
2019Enhanced degradation of indoor formaldehyde by room-temperature catalytic oxidationLi, Haiwei
2015Enhancing removal of E. coli by bioretention basins during intermittent stormwater infiltrationFang, Le
2012Environmental chamber study on the formation of indoor secondary organic aerosols from household emissionsHuang, Yu
2023Epidemiological evidence of COVID-19 and potential strategies for the construction industry in Hong KongYuan, Ziyue
2015Evaluation the co-digestion of sewage sludge with stable wasteXue, Yizhuo
2020Excess stress models for capturing nonlinear shear and compressive behaviour of rough jointsLI, Hua
2018Experimental and numerical studies of flow structure and alluvial processes in partially-obstructed open channel with vegetation canopyYan, Xufeng
2019Experimental investigation on circular stub columns using high strength materialsLiu, Hai-xin
2021Experimental study and constitutive modelling of the stress-strain behaviour of Hong Kong soilsLu, Ka Kin
2016Experimental study and constitutive modelling of the time-dependent stress-strain behavior of soilsFeng, Weiqiang
2021Experimental study and constitutive modelling of unsaturated granular materialsLiu, Kai