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2013Failure mechanism of slope under several conditions by two-dimensional and three-dimensional distinct element analysisLi, Na
2019Feasibility of recycling sewage sludge ash as construction materialsChen, Zhen
2019Feasibility study for the construction of vertical greenery system with hydrilla verticillata and ludwigia glandulosa as part of the sustainable urban drainage system in Hong KongChan, Yuen-him Jonathan
2016Field monitoring and numerical analysis of temperature effects on a super-tall structureZhang, Peng
2017Fine atmospheric particles (PM₂.₅) in large city clusters, China : chemical compositions, temporal-spatial variations and regional transportMing, Li Li
2021Fine particulate matter pollution in selected cities of eastern and southern China : compositions, sources, and impactsXie, Jiawen
2019Finite element analysis of self-centering bridge piers enabled by FRP tendonsLi, Fengying
2013Fire resistance of FRP-strengthened RC beams : numerical simulation and performance-based designGao, Wanyang
2019Flexural behavior of ECC-Steel Plate-UHPC hybrid memberWeng, Kefan
2021Fluid effects on the interaction of waves with rock jointsYang, Hui
2014Formalization of construction operations simulation framework for modeling large civil engineering projects for decision making purposesLau, Sze Chun
2020Formation mechanisms of organic nitrates and their impacts on air quality in Hong KongZeng, Lewei
2020Formation of OVOCs and alkyl nitrates from the dark reaction of isoprene with nitrates (NO₃)Li, Wenqi
2015Frequency-domain buffeting analysis of a long-span twin-box-deck bridge with distributed buffeting loadsZhu, Qing
2018Frequentist and bayesian approaches for probabilistic fatigue life assessment of high-speed train using in-service monitoring dataWang, Xiao
2021Fresh and hardened properties of ambient cured one-part alkali-activated pastes along with superplasticizersAlrefaei, Yazan
2024FRP-coated steel rebars for durable concrete structures : development and performanceZhang, Yiwen
2015FRP-confined curvilinearized square concrete columns under axial compressionZhu, Jiongyi
2018Functional characterization of adipocytes in regulation of liver cancer stem cellsGurung, Shilpa
2020Fundamental and comprehensive characterization of the mobilisation and blending of aged and unaged binders in reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) mixturesSreeram, Anand