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2016New and effective methods for production of cement-based photocatalytic materialsGuo, Mingzhi
2022Non-seismically designed reinforced concrete beam-column joints strengthened by unsymmetrical chamfersXue, Zhihang
2020Novel vibration control strategies using electromagnetic dampers : from fundamental to applicationsLi, Jinyang
2020Numerical and experimental analysis of maglev vehicle-suspension-guideway coupling systemLiu, Bei-lei
2019Numerical and experimental studies of air entrainment and turbulent flow field under breaking waves in the surf zoneTang, Lian
2021Numerical and experimental study of ducted turbines in bi-directional tidal flowsMaduka, Maduka
2019Numerical investigation into the value of structural health monitoring information for bridge structureCheng, Baoquan
2020Numerical modeling and analysis of flexible barriers subjected to the impact of rockfalls/granular flows in comparison with test dataZhu, Zhuohui
2015Numerical simulation of ozone formation at different elevations in mountainous area of Hong Kong using WRF-CMAQ modelWang, Nan
2021Numerical studies of the impact of oceanic emissions on maritime ozone in a tropical region of east AsiaDai, Jianing
2017Numerical studies on haze and photochemical smog pollution in China : toward a better understanding of their formation mechanismsZhang, Li
2020Numerical study on a moment-resisting frame with SMA base isolatorsLao, Jiancong
2019Omics-based characterization of anaerobic metabolism in methanogenic system and chain elongation processYang, Peixian
2022On investigation of acoustic waves and its applications in noise and air studiesZhang, Yiting
2015On-time delivery probabilistic models for stochastic vehicle routing problemsZhang, Junlong
2015The operation and management of continuous stirring tank reactor for treatment of sewage sludge with daily preliminary assessments and H₂S/SO₄²⁻ detectionLiu, Siyan
2012Optimization of a Cyclic Activated Sludge Technology process for organic matters oxidization & NH₃-N removal in town sewage treatment plantRen, Jie
2020Optimizing the operating conditions for a combined partial nitrification and anammox system to treat domestic wastewaterJiang, Jie
2019Ozone pollution around a coastal region of South China Sea : ozone photochemistry and long-term ozone-precursor relationshipsWang, Yu
2021Ozone pollution in bay areas of China : investigation on atmospheric dynamics and photochemistry with field observations and model simulationsZeren, Yangzong