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2019Omics-based characterization of anaerobic metabolism in methanogenic system and chain elongation processYang, Peixian
2022On investigation of acoustic waves and its applications in noise and air studiesZhang, Yiting
2015On-time delivery probabilistic models for stochastic vehicle routing problemsZhang, Junlong
2015The operation and management of continuous stirring tank reactor for treatment of sewage sludge with daily preliminary assessments and H₂S/SO₄²⁻ detectionLiu, Siyan
2012Optimization of a Cyclic Activated Sludge Technology process for organic matters oxidization & NH₃-N removal in town sewage treatment plantRen, Jie
2020Optimizing the operating conditions for a combined partial nitrification and anammox system to treat domestic wastewaterJiang, Jie
2019Ozone pollution around a coastal region of South China Sea : ozone photochemistry and long-term ozone-precursor relationshipsWang, Yu
2021Ozone pollution in bay areas of China : investigation on atmospheric dynamics and photochemistry with field observations and model simulationsZeren, Yangzong
2019Parametric and nonparametric bayesian mixture models for bridge condition assessmentChen, Ran
2015Performance of asphalt mixture with combine warm mix additivesWu, Tianyu
2024Performance of fiber reinforced polymer composite concrete piles in marine soils ended in rock sockets under axial cyclic and static loadingsMALIK, Numan
2019Performance of precast concrete piles founded on saprolitic soilKam, Lok Hang Dixon
2020Performance-based assessment of glass cladding in tall structures under typhoons (computational-based)Zeng, Fengfan
2020Phosphorus recovery from incinerated sewage sludge ash (ISSA) and transferring into phosphate fertilizerFang, Le
2019Photocatalytic degradation of pesticides using N-doped TiO₂ nanoparticles activated by visible LED irradiationAbdelhaleem, Amal Sayed Moustafa
2018Photochemical formation of alkyl nitrates and their impacts on ozone production in Hong KongLyu, Xiaopu
2021Photochemical ozone formation and radical chemistry in five Chinese megacities and Pearl Rriver Estuary : field observations and model simulationsLiu, Xufei
2018Photodegradation of pharmaceuticals with a recyclable catalyst CoFe₂O₄/TiO₂ in aqueous phaseGong, Han
2021Physical and numerical modelling study of Hong Kong marine deposits improved by reinforcements and vertical drainsWu, Peichen
2019Physicochemical characterization of neat asphalt binders in oxidative aging and rejuvenationZhao, Kecheng