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2023Tailored waste-derived biochar for energy recovery and environmental applicationsHe, Mingjing
2022Temperature behaviors of a footbridge through integration of field monitoring with numerical simulationWu, Wanglin
2018Theory and application of second-order direct analysis in static and dynamic design of frame structuresDu, Zuolei
2023Thermo-mechanical behaviour of energy piles in unsaturated siltCui, Sheqiang
2022Time-dependent reliability of deteriorating RC structures: experimental and numerical investigationsGuo, Hongyuan
2022Towards the understanding of railway flange squeal : phenomenon, mechanism, and hybrid model-enabled global sensitivity analysisLuo, Yunke
2017Traffic induced vibrations in two-and-a-half dimensional frameworkLuo, Weili
2023Transformation of aromatic hydrocarbons and formation of oxygenated volatile organic compounds at a regional background site in the PRD region : insights from field study to chamber experimentsYuan, Qi
2019Transient wave behavior in water pipes with non-uniform blockagesChe, Tongchuan
2022Transient wave characterization and utilization for viscoelastic pipe analysis and diagnosisPan, Bin
2023Transient wave-leak interaction analysis in water supply pipelinesZhang, Ying
2019Transient-based characterization and detection of different pipe defects in urban water supply pipelinesWang, Manli
2020Trends of summer PM₂.₅ and its components during 2013-2017 in China: the effects of meteorological changes and emission reductionsLi, Hongyi
2019True stress-strain characteristic of s275 and s690 steel materialsLiang, Zi-hao
2023Two-dimensional implicit stable node-based smoothed particle finite element method in geomechanicsWang, Zeyu
2018Ultimate limit state analysis in geotechnical engineering using discrete element method, plasticity and extremum principleLi, Na
2019Ultra-high performance engineered cementitious composites (UHP-ECC) : mechanical behavior of material and structural membersYu, Kequan
2023Uncovering the characteristics of urban rail transit networks in ChinaXu, Yingying
2022Understanding and analysis of bicycle travel and safetyDing, Hongliang
2018Understanding and modelling of transient air-water flows in urban stormwater drainage system : with a focus on spring-like geyserLi, Fei