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2012Evaluate and assess the air pollution from land transportation in Hong Kong, and assess the sustainability of using electric buses in Hong KongPan, Manyi
2006Evaluating the demand and service quality of ground access modes and terminal facilities of Hong Kong International AirportTam, Mei-ling
2000Evaluating the efficiency of the use of space on construction sitesLi, Zhaoxia
2012Evaluation of asphalt concrete pavement service life using 3D nonlinear finite element analysis and nonlinear fatigue damage modelSuo, Zhi
2006Evaluation of dynamic loads for highway bridgesAshebo, Demeke Beyene
2000Evaluation of fire damage to high performance concretePeng, Gai-fei
2001Evaluation of seismic torsional responses of building structures in Hong KongChan, Wing-ki Ricky
2009The evolution of the use of prefabrication techniques in Hong Kong construction industryJaillon, Lara Celine
2008Experimental and theoretical study on pullout resistance of grouted soil nailsZhou, Wanhuan
2012Experimental behaviour of curvilinearised square columns confined with fiber-reinforced polymerZhao, Wei
2008Experimental studies on subcritical cracking in facade rock panelsKwok, Kui-wah
2000Experimental study and elastic visco-plastic modelling of the time-dependent stress-strain behaviour of Hong Kong marine depositsZhu, Jungao
2006Experimental study of vertical jets in JONSWAP random wavesTam, Ying-fan Barry
2001Experimental study on rolling rock boulder and its analysisLam, Chung-wing
2010Experimental study on the interface behavior between unsaturated completely decomposed granite soil and cement groutHossain, Md. Akhtar
2008Experimental study on the stress-strain-strength behaviour of a Completely Decomposed Granite soil and a geofoamKumruzzaman, Md.
1999Experiments on concrete beams strengthened by bonding fibre reinforced plastic sheetsHau, Kin-man
1998Experiments on effective elastic moduli of solids containing cavitiesNg, Yam-cheung
2000Failure mechanism of rock-like material with random distribution of flaw under uniaxial compressionAu, Chi-kwong
2000Failure mechanism of Yuen Long marbles using direct observationLam, Wai-tong