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2007Second-order analysis and design of angle trusses and framesCho, Suk-han
2012Second-order analysis of imperfect light-weight and composite structuresFong, Man
2007Sediment exchange at the sediment-water interface in Western Harbour (Hong Kong) and its effect on sediment plume dispersionChan, Wai-ying
2001Sediment transport by waves and currents in the Pearl River estuaryChen, Yong
2003Sediment-toxic substance interaction modellingWan, Yiu-por
2008Seismic vulnerability and pounding hazard of asymmetric buildings with transfer system : experimental and analytical modelingWang, Lixin
2011Semiactive vibration control using self-sensing magnetorheological (MR) dampersChen, Zhaohui
2000Sensor placement method for effective monitoring of structural elementsIu, Chi-kin
2002Shear strength of prestressed composite encased beams with unbonded or bonded tendonsChoy, Siu-chung Adam
2012SHM-based condition assessment of in-service bridge structures using strain measurementXia, Hongwen
2002Short-term traffic forecasting using Hong Kong annual traffic censusTang, Yuen-fan
2004Simulation of ready mixed concrete delivery from a single plant to mutiple construction sitesYing, Kai-chi
2004Slope stability analysis using rigid elementsChen, Jian
1999Snap-through buckling of plastic-glassy sheetingTse, Kit-kwong
2001Soil nail design for existing soil cut slopes in Hong KongLo, Shu-wing
2003Source apportionment of toxic air pollutants and particulate matter in Hong KongHo, Kin-fai
2012Source apportionment of volatile organic compounds by Positive Matrix Factorization in Hong KongWong, Lok-cheung
1995Stability analysis of braced barrel vaultsChung, Lung-to
2001Stability analysis of slopes and footings considering different dilationangles of geomaterialWang, Yujie
2001Stability and strength of steel silo transition junctionsZhao, Yang