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2002Comparison of different design methods for soil-nailed structuresWong, Man-leung Gerald
2001A comparison of domestic waste management between conventional and automated refuse collection system in public housing estatesYeung, King-lok
2010Comparison of merchant-rankine approach against second-order plastic analysis for steel framesWang, Hongbo
1999A comparison on Chinese and British steel codes for buildingChiong, Chi-fai
1998Comparison on the elastic and inelastic responses of simple structural system under seismic effectTsang, Wai-man
1998Computer simulation of indoor air qualityTse, Yip-kei
2009Concrete construction planning in consideration of time-sensitive properties of concreteYe, Yujian
2010Confinement of rectangular reinforced concrete column with non-seismic detailingChung, Yuk-ming Wilson
2000Construction and demolition waste management : a comparison between United States and Hong KongCheung, Ho
1997Construction waste management in Hong KongLee, Kui-biu Robin
2006Control and optimization of wastewater treatment process in a paper manufacturing plantTam, Chung-yuen
2002Control of absorptive and reflective mechanism to optimize noise barrier designCheng, Wai-fat
2007The control of bending resonance of vibration isolation systemHui, Chun Kam
2010The control of cavity and panel vibration resonance in a room with ventilation ductChan, Sze-man
2012Corrosion rate and bond performance of steel reinforcement in FRP-wrapped concrete subjected to dry and wet cyclingYang, Minjie
2000A critical review on the causative microorganisms, growth kinetics and existing control methods of activated sludge foaming and the introduction of the feast-fast operation (FFO)Wong, Che-ho Edwin
2009The cultural shift of the construction industry of Hong Kong under the influence of sustainable developmentYip, Chi-po Robin
2010Damage detection and reliability assessment of building structures using stochastic approachesZhang, Juan
2000Damage detection of structure based on neural networkHowe, Wing-chi David
2008Damage identification from wavelet-based acceleration response sensitivityLi, Xueyan