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2006Software project development management architecture (SWP-DMA) in ChinaJiang, Xiaojian
2000The software reengineering strategy for small to medium projectsWong, Ching-wan Phyllis
2006Software testing tools for China IT projectsWang, Jun
2000A software tool for the design of three dimensional morphing sequencesHo, Yuen-hin Kelvin
1999Solving a job selection and assignment problem in the legislative control of electrical installationsLo, Kin-hung
2000Solving labour scheduling problems in line maintenance using genetic algorithmsLee, Miu-ling Rosa
2017Spatial-temporal community emotion estimation through social media text sentiment analysisLee, Hung Fai
2017Spatial-temporal sentiment analysis : a Sina Weibo based model and implementationLiu, Xuanlin
2006A statistical covariance matrix based detection approach with application to network flooding attack detectionJin, Shuyuan
2008Statistical pattern recognition : locality preserving embedings and ensemble of rulesNiu, Ben
1996Stock advisor for small investors : a rule-based expert systemLee, Kwok-keung
2009Stock market buy sell signals by candlestick analysisWong, Lik-man
1997Stock option appraisal system : a knowledge-based DSS prototype for the Hong Kong stock option investment appraisalLiu, Shun-chuen Sammy
2011Stock portfolio optimization and risk management with genetic algorithmsWang, Xu
2002Stock portoflio [i.e. portfolio] optimization using genetic algorithmWong, Shing-yue Samuel
1994Strategic application of information technology in marketing logisticsNg, Sai-shing
1994Strategic information systems as a competitive advantage for international shipping companiesMok, Paul Y. L
1992Strategic information systems planning : a study of non-profit making organizations and an evaluation of approachesSzeto, Rebecca Nin-ho
1994The strategic role of client/server comutingChan, Marina T. W
1994The strategic use of electronic point-of-sales (EPOS) information system in Hong Kong catering industryKwong, Raybert Tsz-pang