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2006Modular structured learning : an integrated framework and its applicationsWang, Defeng
2005Motion capture adaptation for animating characters with varying topologyIu, Ka-chun Bartholomew
2018MPC system identification method based oracle for control-CPS software fault localizationHe, Zhijian
2008Multi-dimension information space (MDIS) for structured data and web page dataPeng, Lei
2020Multi-label classification in few-shot contextYau, Yuen Kwan
2021Multi-level structured output space domain adaptation for semantic segmentationJi, Peng
2001Multi-lingual (Cantonese, Mandarin and English) speech recognition and voice response systemLi, Nga-ling Bavy
2010Multi-modal control for multi-robot systemTse, To-pong Jason
2022Multi-modal pre-training for medical vision-language understanding and generationXu, Li
2001Multi-resolution browsing of web documents in distributed agent environmentYau, M. T. Stanley
2018Multi-view learning for classificationLi, Jinxing
2001Multicast push support for World Wide WebChen, Ching-tsu
2013Multicriteria decision analysis for structural decision problemsChai, Junyi
2020Multilayer perceptron based liver vessel segmentationLin, Yi
2013Multimedia content analysis via computational human visual modelZhong, Shenghua
2009Multimedia ontology integration based-on RDF graph mappingMiao, Xue
1995Multimedia work instruction systemLeung, Tak-kit Anders
1999Multistage fuzzy neural networks : architectures, algorithms and analysisDuan, Ji-cheng
2017Multivariate time series prediction and classification using machine learningChui, Wai Hin
2015Music analysis by time series data miningWang, Meng