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1997Reengineering the finance function with the socio-technical approach : a case study in fashion retailing chainChan, Oi-man
1997Reengineering the treasury management : a case study in the Hong Kong Housing AuthorityHui, Wai-yee Wendy
2012Regularized robust coding and dictionary learning for face recognitionYang, Meng
1997A regulator's expert system for licensing and monitoring insurance companiesLeung, Ming-ah Albert
2011Relation extraction for ontology extension using integrated evidencesChen, Yirong
2009Relative stability analysis of multiple queueing systemsLam, Sum
2000Reliable multicast protocol (RMP) for core-based multicast treeChan, Kwok-wai
2010Reliable service discovery and access in pervasive computing environmentsRaychoudhury, Vaskar
2007Report definition model and element description model for more optimal specification and taxonomy in XBRLMa, Zhizhong
2008The research about operation mode of E-commerce C to C on-line shopping website in ChinaZhang, Rong
2015Research of system architecture for test data acquisition and test data managementSu, Hua
2009Research on gene-based drug toxicity research framework : motifs and regulation relationship discovery based on fuzzy clusteringDong, Xiaofeng
2013RFID data management and frequent path miningWang, Wenjing
2015RFID-based location tracking system using a peer-to-peer network architectureHui, Chun Pan
1999Risk factors affecting future information system outsourcing decisionLau, Mei-bik Jessica
2012Risk management in Chinese outsourcing companiesHan, Wei
2010A risk management methodology with risk dependenciesKwan, Tak-wah
1997Risk protection for bank lending with intelligent systems : an expert system for assisting the bank management in making the decision for disbursement of fundYung, Kay-ming
1999A road map for Hong Kong companies to adopt Internet commerceWong, Lai-tim
2012Robust and efficient face recognition via adaptive masking and dictionary learningFeng, Zhizhao