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2014i*Chameleon : an MVC-based middleware framework for the support of multimodal application developmentLo, Wai Kwan
2018Identifying gene-gene interactions associated with complex diseases and complex traitsZhou, Xiangdong
2014Identifying influential users by their postings in social networksSun, Beiming
2000Identifying obstacles and consumer selection criteria for a new web based publishing service : publishing on demandHui, Wai-to Ricky
2021Identifying privacy issues in mobile apps via synthesizing static analysis and NLPYu, Le
2000Identifying success factors for information systems outsourcing : a public sector perspective in the HKSARLam, Yan-yan Irene
2006iJade face recognizer : a multi-agent based pose and scale invariant human face recognition systemAo Ieong, Wai-heng Tony
2010Image forensics by detecting blurred regionsChan, Kin-sun
2020Image retrieval base on deep learningZhu, Xi
2004Image-based region modelling focusing on template generation of road networksSun, Jing
1996Imaging information system for patients' valuable in a psychiatric hospitalLaw, Leo Kwong Kuen
2017The impact of multimedia on flipped classroom based on SPOCHe, Zhengxu
2000The impact of system development process factors on different dimensions of software quality : a case study in a banking E.D.P. CentreLam, Mei-ping Janice
2001The impacts of Internet on small book publishing companies in Hong KongYan, Wai-kin Nelson
1998Implementation of a test driver generatorLam, Pui-kay David
2013An implementation of personalized e-learning in Moodle aiming at data and text mining integrationShu, Chang
2008The implementation of personalized information retrieval in Web-based financial news digest systemQi, Xianming
2001Implementing an electronic procurement system for office products : a business perspectiveWong, Moon-sze Kedy
2004Improve the service quality of multi-agent system : ontology managementNg, Kwun-tak
2021Improvement in constructing unrestricted adversarial examples with generative modelsTang, Zibin