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2019Machine reading comprehension with deep neural networksWu, Zongheng
2013Making the most of bits : efficient protocols for monitoring large RFID systemsBu, Kai
2013The management practice of enterprise informationCheng, Hongchi
2001Managing a support centre for application in e-commerce using workflow technologyLee, Yuen-keung
2013Managing time elements of riskZhou, Peng
2011Manifold learning for visual data analysisLiu, Yang
2007Manufacturing oriented logistics and supply chain managementWang, Feng.
1997Matching ABC with BPR by the application of IT : a case study in a shipping companyYip, Tze-wai Albert
1998Materialized view self-maintenance on a personal loan application systemYip, Po-yuk Mabel
2016Matrixmap : programming abstraction and implementation of matrix computation for big data applicationsHuangfu, Yaguang
2002Mavis : an intelligent way to perform mass property valuation through the application of data mining techniquesChan, Elvis
2006A measurement-based approach to support real-time object-based applications timelinessLo, Chun-tat
2008Measuring routing dynamics induced by the AS path prepending methodLo, Sau-man Samantha
2013Media independent handover platform with context-awareness extension in heterogeneous wireless networksXiong, Miao
2007A MES with workflow/composition architectureZhu, Chuangyu
2006A meta-mining approach to discovering regularities, differences, and changes in databasesAu, Wai-ho
2008Methodologies for measuring IEEE 802.11 networks with applicationNg, Yat-fai
1993The methods and techniques for successful implementation of accounting packagesNg, Kwok-yin Ronald
2008Micro structure information analysis of woven fabricsYu, Xiaobo
1999Migration from OOA/D to unified modeling language (UML)Wong, Ka-yin Chris