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2014Named entity disambiguation from web textXu, Jian
2006A neuro-fuzzy approach for stock forecastYip, Kwong-hung.
2011A new algorithm for the reduction of variable precision rough set and a feature weighted SVM with real applicationsHu, Yanxing
2017A new business model based on triple helix pattern for smart social networking servicesZhao, Tianjian
2010New document-context term weights and clustering for information retrievalDang, Kai-fung Edward
2014New generation of automated fingerprint recognition systemLiu, Feng
2019New query and analytics over large sequence data : a study on streaks and streamBai, Ran
2016Next generation biometrics : line scan palmprint recognition and door knob hand recognitionQu, Xiaofeng
2014Non-intrusive multimodal attention detectionSun, Jiawei
2018Nonlocal self-similarity based prior modeling for image denoisingXu, Jun
2006A novel dynamic cache size tuning mechanism to support fast response on the Internet with applications to mobile and telemedicineWu, Sui-lun
1999Object model verification using knowledge base approachLee, Wai-kit Ricky
1999Object-oriented approach for timetablingChan, Choi-wing
2017On consumers' perspective of electronic parcel lockers in e-commerce deliveryLam, Yuen-wah Eva
2014On coordination of cyber-physical systemsLi Tao
2016On evaluating online DASH systemsXiao, Jie
2015On representation based pattern classification modelsZhu, Pengfei
2001On the integration of symmetry and template metrics to the active contour model and its fast implementationNgan, Hon-chung William
2020On the proposal generation and overfitting for CNN based single object trackingYang, Lingxiao
2000Online Chinese news reading systemKwong, Tin-lap