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2006Pair programming for software development and for the management of inexperienced programmersLui, Kim-man
2012Palmprint recognition with three dimensional featuresQing, Pei
2014Parallel analytics as a serviceWong, Petrie Ke Fang
2015Parallel data mining algorithms for multi-dimensional points on GPUsMatsumoto, Takazumi
2018The pathway to customised product solutionsTang, Yutian
2016Pattern discovery from multivariate time series dataZhou, Peiyuan
2012Pattern discovery in forex trading market with data mining techniquesZhao, Taobo
2012Pattern mining algorithms : survey and improvement from association to taxonomyKang, Junrui
2005Peer-to-peer cooperative caching in mobile environmentsChow, Chi-yin
2018Perceptually important point identification for big data analytics : performance analysis and applicationsHung, Ying Kit
2019Performance analysis on ethereum and hyperledger fabricCheng, Cho Pang
2000Performance comparison of augmented multihop lightwave networkCheng, Siu-leung
2016Performance measurement of cellular networkCui, Nijie
2003Performance models and optimization for active network filtering applicationsSo, Chi-ho
1999Performance optimization of WDM lightwave networksChan, Kam-wing
2011Personal authentication using Finger-Knuckle-PrintZhang, Lin
2001A personal profiling approach for caching and prefetching in distributed virtual environmentChim, Ho-pan Jimmy
2013Personal recommender system based on CBRLiang, Xiaoyi
2020Personalized deep reinforcement learning based recommendationsLei, Yu
1998A personalized WWW agentLai, Andy Chun-fai