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2021Task partitioning and offloading in collaborative edge computing environmentsSahni, Yuvraj
1995A telecommunication infrastructure between Hong Kong and ChinaFok, Yat Kai
2007Terminology extraction using contextual informationJi, Luning
2003Testing multimedia software using Hybrid Control Flowgraph-Petri Net approachCheng, Ka-fai
2012Texton encoding based texture classification and its applications to hand-back skin texture analysisXie, Jin
2011Time series clustering with applications in stock market analysisZhou, Peiyuan
2001Time series pattern matching, discovery & segmentation for numeric-to-symbolic conversionFu, Tak-chung
1998Timetabling using genetic algorithmsLeung, Yim-ming
2007Tinge CRM projectLi, Heng
2007To improve service center operations by using data mining technologyChong, Kin-tak David
2016Toward dependable cyber-physical systems : a study on design pattern and evaluation methodologyTan, Feng
2023Toward effective real-world image restoration and enhancementLiang, Jie
2020Towards a blockchain-based secure and efficient DNSGao, Huahui
2016Towards a QoE-aware video streaming systemMok, Ka-Pui
2000Towards a situational BPR model : from readiness assessment to implementationSha, Ching-yue Clara
2017Towards an initial understanding of the fixing power of object-oriented automated program repairChen, Liushan
2023Towards context-aware voice interaction via acoustic sensingYang, Qiang
2018Towards efficient analytic query processing in main-memory column-storesXu, Wenjian
2022Towards efficient and personalized federated learning on heterogeneous environmentZhang, Jie
2023Towards efficient and reliable human activity understandingXiang, Wangmeng