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2007Modelling negotiations in open railway access market for resource allocationTsang, Chi-wai
1999Modelling of semi-random growth of trees during the electrical breakdown of solid insulationFung, Chiu-wah
2020Models for bus queueing at busy stops and corridors, and congestion mitigation strategiesShen, Minyu
1999Modern technique in maintenance management of electrical equipment in Hong Kong power stationWong, Shing-sing
2020Modified extended kalman filtering method on state-of-charge estimation of batteriesYang, Fan
2016Monitoring and transmission strategies for long-haul digital coherent communication systemsDong, Zhenhua
2005Motion and force control in high-performance variable reluctance finger gripperChan, Kin-chung Kenneth
2012Motion control of electromechanical actuators at sub-micron precisionChow, Hoi Wai
2019Multi-input power electronic converters for hybrid energy storage systemsSekhar, Raghu Raman
2013Multi-objective generation control and optimization for large-scale power system dispatchZhou, Bin
2015Multi-objective optimal design of electric motor and controller integrated systems based on parameterized FEMYang, Lin
2002Multi-point fiber optic gas sensor systemsHo, Hoi-lut
2000Multiplexing of fiber optic Bragg grating sensorsChan, Kok-cheung Peter
2003Multiwavelength fiber ring lasersTong, Fu-wa
2020Nanofiber based light-matter interaction for high performance laser spectroscopyQi, Yun
1997Neural network to area short-term load forecastingChan, Chun-keung
2018Nonlinear fiber-optic communications using nonlinear frequency division multiplexingGui, Tao
2005Novel adaptive control algorithms via soft computing methodsHo, Ho-fai James
2003Novel algorithms for longitudinal and lateral control for application in autonomous vehiclesCai, Lin
2015A novel fast remesh-free finite element method for optimal design of electric machinesZhao, Yanpu