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2007A 2D variable reluctance planar motorPan, Jianfei
2006Acceleration techniques for on-line transient and dynamic stability assessmentCheung, Chi-ho
2018Active management of distribution systems with distributed energy resourcesLi, Jiayong
2019An adaptive degrees-of-freedom multi-physics numerical model for analysis and design of nanofluid-filled power transformersZhang, Yunpeng
1999Adaptive digital distance protective relayingWong, Wai-kau
2022Advanced control of grid-forming inverters under uncertain operating conditions in AC microgridsLi, Zilin
2020Advanced control of power converters for microgrids with renewable energy resources and variable loadsShan, Yinghao
2017Advanced control strategies for renewable energy integration for system supportLi, Yujun
2019Advanced control strategies of renewables supporting power system operationLyu, Xue
2008An advanced controller for hybrid stepper motor with novel damping techniqueTsui, Wang-hay Kenneth
2012Advanced fibre Bragg grating and microfibre Bragg grating fabrication techniquesChung, Kit Man
2020Advanced heuristic optimization algorithms for optimal reactive power planning and dispatch in power systemsNiu, Ming
2017Advanced modelling and control for demand side management implementation in smart gridMai, Weijie
2015Advanced system restoration and load modeling in modern powerHou, Jia
2020Advancement on design and control of electric motorsLiu, Ming
2018All optical fiber photothermal spectroscopic sensors for high sensitivity gas detectionTan, Yanzhen
1999Analysis of power system de-regulation : possible application in Hong Kong and its problemsChan, Tat-ki
2014Analysis of wind power forecasting technologiesFeng, Wenting
2008Analysis, modelling and robust control of automotive HID headlight systemsDong, Ping
1999Application of digital technique in domestic protection systemCheng, Ching-chun