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2000Battery energy storage system for transient stability enhancement and power system damping improvementTsang, Man-wai
2001Bi-directional phase-shifted DC-DC converter with an improved superconducting transformer design conceptChan, Hon-lung
2021Bidding strategy of distributed energy resources participating in electricity market as price-makersGao, Xiang
2022Bridging deep learning to power system state estimation with PMUsHe, Yi
2020Capacitive deionization of brackish water with carbon-based materialsLi, Bei
2018Cell balancing techniques for electric vehicles and associated distributed mobile energy storage city studyWang, Xiaolin
2015Channel characterization and signal transmission for digital signal processing based optical communication systemsSui, Qi
2022Characteristics and impact analysis of grid inertia spatiotemporal distributionYang, Jinghan
1994Combined PID controller and neural controller for process controlTang, Siu-wai
1999Communication mechanism for heterogeneous computer systemLau, Wing-chiu
2018A comparable corpus-based study of grammatical variation between different variants of Mandarin ChineseJiang, Menghan
2000A comparative analysis of forecasting methodologies of electricity consumption and application in Hong Kong systemHo, Kai-on
1994A comparative study of system indices versus load point indices for bulk power systemChiang, Tung-keung
1999Comparison of electric load forecasting algorithmsWong, Chung-yu
2020Comparison of linear and non-linear adaptive bus control lawsZou, Zehua
2015Comparison study of brushless doubly-fed motor and permanent-magnet synchronous motorWeng, Xu
1998Computer simulation in the performance of the electrical system for the light rail transit systemKwong, Ying
1995Computer-aided frequency-domain modelling and simulation of switching DC-DC convertersLam, Chun-fan
2000Contingency control strategies for modern power system under a heterogeneous simulation environmentChu, Kar-kit Gary
2021Cooperative management of microgrids systems with distributed energy resourcesLi, Qing