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2015Fabrication of novel optical fibers and their sensing applicationsLiu, Zhengyong
2000Fair explicit rate indication for ABR service in ATM networksLong, Yihong
1999Fault location for overhead distribution systemPang, Yiu-ming
1999A feasibility study & engineering design of wind power in Hong KongFung, Wai-shing
1999Feasibility study and engineering design of bio-waste energy in Hong KongSudarsan, Sharma
2021Fiber bragg grating-based multi-dimensional sensing and their applications using multi-core fibersCui, Jingxian
2019Fiber optics sensor technologies for innovative condition monitoring applicationsLai, Chun Cheung
2006Fiber ring lasers and all-optical signal processing devices for wavelength-division multiplexing systemsQureshi, Khurram Karim
2000Fibre-optic sensors using long-period gratings and microlens arraysLiu, Shun-yee Michael
2012Field analysis and high frequency conversion for multi-coils induction heating appliancesMeng, Lichan
2012Finite element analysis with embedded global optimization method for optimal design of electric devicesChen, Ningning
2014Flexible battery storage system for smart gridCheng, Lu
2018Formation and analysis of switched-capacitor converter systems with modular circuit configurationFong, Yat Chi
2012Formulation of DC energy factor and energy-based control method for high efficiency power electronics conversion systemsShi, Zhanghai
2019Frequency and oscillation stability analysis of virtual synchronous generator-integrated power gridYuan, Wei
2008Fuzzy logic control in linear switched reluctance motorsKwok, San-chin Antares
1998Fuzzy model identificationKong, Wai-chuen
2001Fuzzy modeling and behaviour learning of autonomous mobile robotsChow, Ka-ming Jimmy
2005Gas detection using photonic crystal fibersHoo, Yeuk-lai
2009Gas discharge in hollow-core fibers and its application in waveguide gas lasersShi, Xin