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1997Neural network to area short-term load forecastingChan, Chun-keung
2018Nonlinear fiber-optic communications using nonlinear frequency division multiplexingGui, Tao
2005Novel adaptive control algorithms via soft computing methodsHo, Ho-fai James
2003Novel algorithms for longitudinal and lateral control for application in autonomous vehiclesCai, Lin
2015A novel fast remesh-free finite element method for optimal design of electric machinesZhao, Yanpu
2015Novel hollow-core optical fiber gas and acoustic sensorsYang, Fan
2014Novel magnetic gears and their performance analysisPeng, Shan
2003Novel mutation operators & their application to regularization of artificial neural networksChan, Shun-heng
2008Novel splice techniques and micro-hole collapse effect in photonic crystal fibersXiao, Limin
2016Optical fiber biochemical sensors based on micro-/nano-structured polymeric coatingsYin, Mingjie
2011Optical fiber devices fabricated by femtosecond laser micro-machining for sensing applicationsYang, Minwei
2000Optical fiber long period grating sensorsWong, Chi-too Jeffrey
2011Optical performance monitoring for next generation coherent optical communication systemsShen, Shunrong
2014Optical sensors and devices based on highly birefringent micro/nanofibersJin, Wa
2018Optically μ-printed polymer microphotonic sensorsWu, Jushuai
1993Optimal coordination of a thermal nuclear pumped-storage power systemYung, Chiu-hung
2019Optimal design of skip-stop transit service in a corridor under heterogeneous demandMei, Yu
2019Optimal life-cycle management of transportation asset systemsZhang, Le
2017Optimal operation and planning of smart grid with electric vehicle penetrationZhao, Jian
2018Optimal PMU placement considering state estimation and voltage stability in smart gridZhang, Chunxue