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2005All-optical shutter and polarizer using Fabry Perot laser diodeMoses, Beulah
2019Analysis and applications of current-source-mode converters in light-emitting-diode lighting systemsDong, Zheng
2004Analysis and design of switching converters for power factor correction applicationsLu, Dah-chuan Dylan
2005Analysis and motion estimation strategies for frame and video object codingHui, Ko-cheung
2009Analysis and processing of nonlinear time series : from speech to neurophysiological signalsSun, Junfeng
2017Analysis of cascading failure in power systems from a complex network perspectiveZhang, Xi
2003Analysis of moment invariants and its uses for the retrieval of trademark imagesLau, Ka-lai
2005Analysis of SAW filters using finite-difference time-domain methodWong, King-yuen
1998Analysis of single-phase single-stage power-factor-corrected switching convertersVenkata, Murali S
2016Analysis, design, and applications of switched-capacitor convertersCheung, Chun Kit
2017Analytical derivation of lower bounds of the estimation error of statistically unbiased estimation of electromagnetic/acoustic wireless signal parametersKitavi, Dominic Makaa
2002Application of duality principle to power-factor-correction convertersLau, Kwok-hung
2012Applications of complex network scienceLiu, Xiaofan
2020The applications of deep learning in automatic ECG classificationXu, Shensheng
2018The applications of deep learning in robust speaker recognitionTan, Zhili
2018Applications of fiber-optic communication techniques in brillouin scattering based distributed optical fiber sensing systemsGuo, Nan
2017Applications of halftoning techniques in 3d profilometry and reversible color-to-grayscale conversionXu, Zi-xin
2019The applications of semiconductor optical devices for ultra-fast passive optical networksLuo, Yazhi
2009An approach to multiple DNA sequences compressionWu, Choi-ping Paula
2018An array of directional sensors (cardioid sensors or figure-8 sensors), diversely orientated but spatially collocated : their beam-patternsNnonyelu, Chibuzo Joseph