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2008AlGaN/GaN based HEMT structures and applicationsJha, Shrawan Kumar
1999Algorithms and processor structures for motion picture compressionHui, Wai-lam
2007All-optical packet switching with all-optical header processing using fabry-perot laser diodeLui, Luen-fu
2005All-optical shutter and polarizer using Fabry Perot laser diodeMoses, Beulah
2019Analysis and applications of current-source-mode converters in light-emitting-diode lighting systemsDong, Zheng
2004Analysis and design of switching converters for power factor correction applicationsLu, Dah-chuan Dylan
2005Analysis and motion estimation strategies for frame and video object codingHui, Ko-cheung
2009Analysis and processing of nonlinear time series : from speech to neurophysiological signalsSun, Junfeng
2017Analysis of cascading failure in power systems from a complex network perspectiveZhang, Xi
2003Analysis of moment invariants and its uses for the retrieval of trademark imagesLau, Ka-lai
2005Analysis of SAW filters using finite-difference time-domain methodWong, King-yuen
1998Analysis of single-phase single-stage power-factor-corrected switching convertersVenkata, Murali S
2016Analysis, design, and applications of switched-capacitor convertersCheung, Chun Kit
2017Analytical derivation of lower bounds of the estimation error of statistically unbiased estimation of electromagnetic/acoustic wireless signal parametersKitavi, Dominic Makaa
2002Application of duality principle to power-factor-correction convertersLau, Kwok-hung
2023Application of neural networks and image processing techniques in distributed optical fiber sensor systemsWang, Biwei
2012Applications of complex network scienceLiu, Xiaofan
2020The applications of deep learning in automatic ECG classificationXu, Shensheng
2020The applications of deep learning in BOTDA sensing systemLai, Ho Yin Koey
2018The applications of deep learning in robust speaker recognitionTan, Zhili