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2019Multi-task deep learning for gender- and language-independent speaker recognitionZhu, Cuiping
2014Multi-view, high-resolution face image analysisLi, Dong
2008Multicasting in wavelength division multiplexed optical communication systems based on Raman-assisted four-wave mixing in dispersion-shifted fiberLau, Kwan-chi
2020Multitask deep learning for recognizing gender and emotion from speech signalsHung, Wai Fung
2012Mutation particle swarm optimization for multilayer perceptron training with applicationsWu, Jing
2020A myocardial contractility assessment system based on fiber optic sensorsLyu, Weimin
2004Nano-plasticity in BCC and HCP metalsLiu, Xiangli
2011A network perspective to orchestra conductingYang, Bo
2000Neural network based fair queuing scheduler for video sourcesLee, Hok-leung Philip
2004Neural network techniques for graffiti interpretation and speech recognitionLeung, Koon-fai
2016New approaches to solve the local minimum problem and improve the classification ability of learning algorithms in multi-layer feed-forward neural networksXu, Shensheng.
2013New coding technologies for videosWang, Li Li
2007New hybrid coding for video sequencesWong, Kai-yin
2019New protocols to reduce data aggregation delay for NB-IoT applicationYan, Haotian
2002New wavelet model for texture-based feature extraction and retrievalChan, Wai-yip Patrick
2020Non-orthogonal V2X communicationsSitu, Zhenhui
2021Nonlinear Kalman filters for dynamic estimation over complex networksWang, Wanli
2012Nonlinear stability study of DFIG wind energy generation systemsLi, Zhen
2013Novel algorithms for video object trackingChen, Zhang
2003Novel feature representation and matching techniques for content-based image retrievalWang, Zhiyong