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2019Single-input multi-output configurations of interconnected power converters and applicationsLi, Xiaolu
2003Singularity detection for regularity scalable image codingHo, Yuk-fan
2022Smart password brute forcing using deep neural networksFan, Jiye
2018SNR-invariant deep neural networks using multi-task learning for robust I-vector speaker verificationYao, Qi
2000Soft decision decoding using neural networksChan, Chong-fun
2000Software system for medical image reconstruction and dynamic system modeling studiesWong, Wai-ting
2016Source camera identification with computational intelligence techniquesShi, Chao
2000Source location using crosspower spectrum phase in small roomTsui, Po-kwok
2000Source-channel considerations for video transmission over lossy packet networksSo, Wong-chuen Joseph
2019Spatial analysis of public transport network from a complex network perspective and its impact on vehicular network connectivityShanmukhappa, Tanuja
2000Speaker verification based on probabilistic neural networks with a priori decision thresholdsYiu, Kwok-kwong Michael
2015Speech enhancement using sparse representation methodsShen, Tak Wai
2008Spin-lattice coupling in molecular dynamics simulation of ferromagnetic ironMa, Pui-wai
2013A spin-lattice dynamics study of effects of magnon excitations on physical properties of BCC ironWen, Haohua
2003Sprite coding techniques for video sequencesCheung, Hoi-kok
2022Stability analysis of dc distribution power systemsDing, Li
2009Stability analysis of the Internet congestion controlChen, Xi
2003Static D.C. fault diagnosisWorsman, Matthew Taylor
2018Statistical signal processing for acoustic direction finding and for roadway sound-level distribution modelingMuaz, Muhammad
2020Stereoscopic image reflection removal based on Wasserstein Generative Adversarial NetworkWang, Xiuyuan