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2012Semiconductor laser diode control system based on FPGAYang, Hanwei
2005Sensor fusion for audio-visual biometric authenticationCheung, Ming-cheung
2003Shape analysis for image retrievalChoi, Wai-pak
2013Signal processing for acoustic arrays and for single-carrier block-based transmissionSong, Yang
2017Signal processing for brillouin distributed optical fiber sensing systemsAzad, Abul Kalam
2020Signal processing techniques for direct-detected Φ-OTDR systemsAdeel, Muhammad
2011Signal processing techniques for optical performance monitoring in dynamic fiber-optic networksKhan, Faisal Nadeem
2002Signal reconstruction with applications to chaos-based communicationsFeng, Jiuchao
2001Similar shape retrieval in image database systemTam, Kam-shing
2019Single-input multi-output configurations of interconnected power converters and applicationsLi, Xiaolu
2003Singularity detection for regularity scalable image codingHo, Yuk-fan
2022Smart password brute forcing using deep neural networksFan, Jiye
2018SNR-invariant deep neural networks using multi-task learning for robust I-vector speaker verificationYao, Qi
2000Soft decision decoding using neural networksChan, Chong-fun
2000Software system for medical image reconstruction and dynamic system modeling studiesWong, Wai-ting
2016Source camera identification with computational intelligence techniquesShi, Chao
2000Source location using crosspower spectrum phase in small roomTsui, Po-kwok
2000Source-channel considerations for video transmission over lossy packet networksSo, Wong-chuen Joseph
2019Spatial analysis of public transport network from a complex network perspective and its impact on vehicular network connectivityShanmukhappa, Tanuja
2000Speaker verification based on probabilistic neural networks with a priori decision thresholdsYiu, Kwok-kwong Michael