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2015Speech enhancement using sparse representation methodsShen, Tak Wai
2008Spin-lattice coupling in molecular dynamics simulation of ferromagnetic ironMa, Pui-wai
2013A spin-lattice dynamics study of effects of magnon excitations on physical properties of BCC ironWen, Haohua
2003Sprite coding techniques for video sequencesCheung, Hoi-kok
2022Stability analysis of dc distribution power systemsDing, Li
2009Stability analysis of the Internet congestion controlChen, Xi
2003Static D.C. fault diagnosisWorsman, Matthew Taylor
2018Statistical signal processing for acoustic direction finding and for roadway sound-level distribution modelingMuaz, Muhammad
2020Stereoscopic image reflection removal based on Wasserstein Generative Adversarial NetworkWang, Xiuyuan
2000Strategic selection and replication of movies by trend calibrated movie demand modelWong, Koon-hung Dave
2018Strategies for the development of high performance organic-inorganic perovskite solar cells and their novel applicationRen, Zhiwei
2011The studies of improved quantification techniques for positron emission tomographyZheng, Xiujuan
2008Studies on all-optical deflection routing for all-optical packet-switched networks by using fabry-perot laser diodes for all-optical header processingLee, Chi-chung
2003Studies on intelligent adaptive control of autonomous systems with applications to longitudinal vehicle followingDai, Xiaohui
2000Studies on the stability and robustness of uncertain nonlinear systems based on fuzzy logic approachLam, Hak-keung
2009Study and design of an electrotherapeutic deviceDeng, Xinghua
2002A study of back-to-back schottky barrier ultraviolet photodetectors fabricated on molecular beam epitaxy grown gallium nitrideChan, Ngai-hung
2020A study of blockchain from a network science perspectiveTao, Bishenghui
2003Study of chaos-based communication systems in a multiple access environmentTam, Wai-man
2001Study of chaos-based digital communicationsYip, Ming